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Old 2006-04-21, 12:59   Link #41
undermost salamander
nether lizard
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anyone know where I can dl Make It Home?
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Old 2006-09-16, 11:07   Link #42
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I was wondering if anyone could help me identify a song from Monster. In episode 3, there's a scene where Tenma helps a patient fly a kite (around 15:20). I'm pretty sure this is a classical piece, but I'm not sure. It could possibly be original to the show.

Does anyone know the name and composer of this song? Thanks.
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Old 2006-09-16, 16:20   Link #43
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Name of the bgm is unknown, it doesn't appears on the soundtracks. I think is original from the show, so the composer is Kuniaki Haishima.

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Old 2006-11-30, 01:42   Link #44
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Anyone know where I can get the 1st OST? I can find the Remix and 2nd OST but no one seems to have the other
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Old 2008-05-24, 13:53   Link #45
Just call me Ojisan
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As announced in this forum, the Monster forum has been retired. This is just a natural part of a forum's lifespan. It has been a while since the new episodes of the show were aired. Over the time since then, the show has seen a great reduction of posting and attention. As a result, it is no longer meaningful to have a gadzillion threads to discuss the show.

This thread is one of the few remaining where discussion can still be posted. By concentrating discussion into a few threads it may be possible to actually have a semblance of interaction once more. Please continue to show Monster your enjoyment interest in these threads.
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Old 2008-06-14, 16:56   Link #46
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hopefully they still sell the OST as there are many anime OSTs I can't seem to find or are supposedly discontinued. GAH! that sucks but either way so far most of the music I've heard from the anime are very fitting. The first ending held a very good connection to the movie sort of drifting and slow music with a touch of oldies feel. The 2nd ending is just plain horrible in my opinion. From the singer herself...that voice sounds like I don't know exactly what but it's borderline creepy and it's worst than when I sing karaoke and I have a pretty bad voice...
The opening really fit in with the series however even though there is no real singing the chanting is very creepy and leaves sort of a mysterious touch.
Hopefully there is more good music to come. the only one I really have a grudge over is the 2nd ending too bad they don't change the opening. However I'm pretty sure they could have picked a better 2nd theme. Sadly they never had a third ending theme because the 2nd one basically ruins the whole creepy and psychological mood set up from the first ending.
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