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Old 2008-06-14, 19:32   Link #121
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Originally Posted by Aquillion View Post
I just finished watching this myself.

Are the novels finished with the story? It really felt like the anime started strong, then went completely off the rails eventually
I can't say for sure about the novels, but the anime follows the manga as best I can tell. I've read all but the last manga volume. The situation is better explained in the manga, but basically the same events happened in the manga so far. I can't say for sure about the final episode versus manga yet.

I've read the two novels that have been released in English. They are more detailed than either the manga or the anime. However, from the pace the novels are setting, I wouldn't be surprised if the novels don't end at the same place as the anime did.

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Old 2009-08-30, 20:33   Link #122
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This anime was really enjoyable although it was kind of short for all the potential it has. I give this series a 8/10 and recommend it to anyone interested in fantasy / romance animes.

The plot was good even if it isnt the first "human population living in a separated world controlled by some crazy machine" story, the animation style was quite refreshing (the star thing in the eyes felt a bit strange xD) and i personally found the romance very nicely done... Roux leaving Firiel at the palace because he wanted to protect her and she persuing after him to stay by his side... it was nice to see Firiel take the sword and swear that she would make Riez suffer the same pain he did to Roux.. =D You rarely see anime couples were not only the guy takes risks for his loved one.

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Old 2010-04-20, 11:57   Link #123
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I have a question about the age of the main characters: is Firiel supposed to be older than Roux or not? On one hand, Firiel was initially comparing Roux to a “little brother”, which may suggest he was younger. On the other hand, when she was going to a party in the first episode, she said that only the people who were already 15 like herself were allowed to go there and, since she wanted Roux to come with her, that may suggest he was 15 too, otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed in there. So what do you think?
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Old 2010-04-20, 18:59   Link #124
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I hadn't thought much about it, but I remember at the time assuming they were the same age, or no more than a year apart.
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