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Old 2008-06-17, 09:00   Link #41
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Originally Posted by lazyman View Post
Since this thread is the official for Q & A I wanted to know a few questions:

Did Richard Braun really kill the boy while he was sober?
He didn't actually die drunk, so did they just assume he did because of the bottle or did they actually do an autopsy report?
How and why did Johan kill him was it ever mentioned?
1) I think he did.

2 & 3) He did die drunk. However, it was Johan who convinced him to take a drink and "guided" him to fall off the roof.
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Old 2008-06-17, 13:50   Link #42
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1) I'm not so sure as yezhanquan about that. I'd have to watch those episodes again carefully. Braun was certainly deeply into his alcoholism when he shot the boy.

2/3) That's my take on the events as well. Johan used his preternatural powers of persuasion to get Braun to drink some or all of the whiskey, then Johan helped him fall. Johan killed him for the same reason he killed a number of other people in the story, to conceal his past from prying eyes like Braun's.
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Old 2008-10-30, 14:00   Link #43
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I started on making a page on Wikiquote for Monster

It's not much and the format is crap. But it's a start.
You're all welcome to add to it if you want.

Also if you do add it to please put the Viz translation if you can rather than
a scanlation version. I don' t have anything against scanlators it's just
that it's annoying when people put the unofficial quote on Wikiquote.
(some people do this with other series like Naruto)
I don't care if you think Viz's translations are "incorrect" or not.
It's the official version. So if you can use it. Use it.
I hope I don't sound pushy.
Also I understand Volume 18 is not yet out so quotes from that can be from the scanlator.
But once 18 is out (in December) I would prefer all of the quotes to be from the Viz translation. Aside from it being the official translation its much more simple to use one
translation than from varying scanlators (assuming anyone else aside from Stephen translated it) Also I'm not trying to downplay any of the scanlators (especially Stephen)
I think some of them do a pretty good job (though I've seen some pretty bad translations--of other series that is. It might be just me but I cannot stand "Engrish". Choose a language.)
I think I've made my point so I shall shut up.

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Old 2010-06-10, 10:36   Link #44
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hello, I have a question about what happened to Johan "in the end."
The final scene, after Tenma visited Johan, shows an empty hospital bed. I noticed that the window next to his bed was open and a gust of wind was flowing in. Did Johan jump out the window, committing suicide, perhaps? Or did he simply escape?
Or...perhaps he repented for his sins and went to see his sister and/or his mother....I thought that the final scene with Tenma and Johan's mother might've been hinting at that, but I am still unsure.

So tell me, what REALLY happened to Johan after the final scene?
Does anyone have proof of what may've happened?
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Old 2010-08-28, 14:29   Link #45
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Im wondering, when will episode 69 be dubbed in english
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Old 2010-12-31, 13:14   Link #46
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Great series but I did not like the end... Since this was an evil series Johann should have won and not get caught and has his evil plans exposed.
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Old 2011-12-14, 09:50   Link #47
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