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View Poll Results: What is their gender?
Both are male. 119 50.42%
Both are female. 105 44.49%
Dorii is male and Guraa is female. 6 2.54%
Guraa is male and Dorii is female. 6 2.54%
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Old 2008-06-06, 06:24   Link #541
The Salary Man
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The twins are boys. There is absolutely no evidence that Dori and Gura are female in the anime or any other official source. There is nothing that even suggests this. Whereas the twins are identified as boys in various media, not the least of which includes the source material.

Cases that I can think of off the top of my head:
  • The infamous scene in the game where Oboro explains to Hakuoro that the twins are boys. The twins themselves admit it, and no other event in the game ever contradicts this.
  • The twins admit their gender to Inkara's daughter Kamuchatarl in the new segment of the PS2 game, which was developed after the anime, which nullifies any claims that Dori and Gura were somehow changed to girls after the production of the original game.
  • In a "what if" scenario in one of the drama CDs, Hakuoro suggests that the twins would act exactly the same if they were female (implying that they are, in fact, not).
I'm sure there are many other instances where this detail is confirmed throughout the drama CDs, comics and other media, but these are the only specific cases I can think of right now. It never occurred to me that anyone would ever doubt the twins' gender, so I must admit, I was never really looking for evidence.

I can't believe there is actually a debate about this. For the sake of pizza, people should just stop deluding themselves and face the facts already.
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Old 2008-06-20, 23:20   Link #542
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once again people just assume from the game.
There have been tons of examples were in a game they were guys or girls and then in an anime their genders were switched.
but still it is absolutely impossible to guess the gender. For one reason. In anime, anything goes. Besides the twins aren't human so its impossible to judge off of what they do and the only way to know is by physical traits. but i'm just repeating what others have said so...

I believe that the twins are females. Why? because i'm not biased by the game.
I don't believe they would have yaio stuff in an anime like this.
But one thing I don't understand is why people think they are guys. I mean, besides the game. Besides following the fad I don't see much indication that they are accually guys. Their voices seem like a girls. They act like girls even though they are somewhat battle hardend. They look like girls because of their bigger eyes, fluffy tail, ears pointing down, longer hair which is groomed in a femine fashion, and somewhat show breasts. In my short incounters of anime the only time i've ever seen a guy look exactly like a girl is Haku and Bridget.
bah, i'm done rambling for now.
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Old 2008-06-21, 03:18   Link #543
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Just for the record, I agree with black_omega2. I still feel that their gender in the game has no bearing on their gender in the anime, and too many clues point to them being girls in the anime. This kind of gender swapping happens all the time.
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Old 2008-06-21, 15:59   Link #544
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Originally Posted by black_omega2 View Post
but i'm just repeating what others have said so...
Exactly. As I said a number of times before, if you're going to bump this thread, you'd better have new arguments. There's absolutely no point in bumping this thread just to rehash what has already been said a million times. It just means you haven't actually read and understood the counter-arguments. So, at least until the OVAs come out (in case they shed any new light on this), I'm going to lock this thread. It seems that everything that can be said has been said by now. If someone really thinks they have a new argument, they can PM me and I'll unlock the thread again.
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