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Old 2004-04-23, 18:34   Link #21
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Originally Posted by kakashilion
well i spose we could use some bilogy here. Nerves would move to fast for the muscles in the eye to follow. Im pretty sure the byakugan does not allow the user to move their eye quicker than usual.

plus just seeing the nerves wouldnt tell you what their going to do because the nerves themselves contain messages telling muscles to contract and relax etc. SO not only would you have to follow the nerves you would have to see the info they contain.

im not sure about this since i aint great at biology.
Err... I agree with lion-san. Byakugan can see the tenketsu, and have a 359 degree sight, but it's still impossible for a creature by seeing its nerves predict their moves. Even if he can see, he couldn't decode the information, since those informations are transmitted by a kind of eletrical wave ... at least it's what I think

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Old 2004-04-23, 18:36   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Joe Dalton
no first thing I found funny was when he said "Nerves would move"
Then "for the muscles in the eye to follow" the second 1 would need some explaining but the first is pretty clear i take it
Ohhh ahahaha I see what you mean now . But yeh that was an honest mistake. I understood what he ment anyways.
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Old 2004-04-23, 18:51   Link #23
Great I-Jin
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Originally Posted by Sethi
Well if that's the case then wouldn't it be easier to just watch the muscles movement and the chakra used to determine what your enemy is going to perform??

Also isn't the nerve speed like superfast it becomes a little hard to see it no?
for human physiology, nerve signals are sent through "electrical stimulations" (so yah, that's quite fast)
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Old 2004-04-23, 19:06   Link #24
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Well, nerve signals are naturally sent via chemoelectric signals. It's not just electricity--but an organic/electric process. It's also true, however, that electrical signals sent through the body work, though.

Basically, there's no way the Byakugan could follow nerve signals. I doubt a sharingan could, but maybe.

But anyway, who knows. Gai said Kakashi cut lightning with the chidori, thus it's also known as raikiri. That would be sorta impossible. But this is the Naruto universe, so anything can go. I mean, I've even heard crazy things about osteoclasts, osteoblasts, and calcium being created out of thin air in picoseconds...
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Old 2004-04-23, 19:51   Link #25
The Real Deal
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maybe kakashi can lend his sharingan to hiashi to find out

sharingan+byakugan combined, should be a new interesting experiment for oro.
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