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Old 2008-07-01, 13:52   Link #1
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Initial D the Moive - Live Action

I have recently watched all the anime of Initial D, which came after me watching the Movie. And I have only one question: Why isn't there a sequal to the movie? There is so much potential. As long as they keep the animeicle portryal of the anime like they did in the first one it should be a great movie. I mean seeing the sequal show Takumi during all those races while he is in the newly formed racing team would be nothing short of badass to see how far he has come like we saw in the anime. There is so much potential I just can't understand why there isn't one. So many Initial D fans would snatch the sequal up instantly.

Anyone know how we could encourage the directors to get back together and ask them to make a sequal to one of the best anime hits of all time?

I would very much like to see a sequal. Who is with me? To give this thread more purpose I am going to do a Critique on Initial D The Movie.

Plot: 10/10 Basically it revolves around Takumi Fujiwara. A teenage Tofu delivery boy that was unconcously trained to be an expert drifter by his alcoholic father and his unique methods. To help entertain himself during the delivery routes he would go as fast as he could and eventually developed a technique similar to his fathers that would later earn him the title "God of Mt. Akina." He amazes everyone as he wins race after race against cars that people thought he didn't stand a chance against. Eventually retuning the ECU that his father already had set up to perfection he blows the motor. His father drops a suzuki racing engine into it and the car is revitalized with 250 horses. Upon relearning how to use the engine Takumi finds out how much horsepower really makes a difference in a race when properly used. Being challenged by a guy who seeks potential in all his opponents Takumi races the final race in the movie against Ryosuke Takahashi (The guy seeking to make a new team) and Kyouichi Sudou (A rival racing gang leader who is also a professional racer). Tying in a basic love story that couldn't have ended more perfect this movie delivers quite a bit.

Consistency: 10/10 The flow was very consistent. No abrupt anything. You get a good feel for each main character while at the same time maintaining smooth transistions with each new part of the movie. Not trying to be too much like the manga this movie delivers very well.

Characters: perfect. That is all. Great characters especially considering they weren't EXACTLY like the manga/anime. They were the same but new and didn't in any way faulter. Liked it every step of the way.

Art/Design: 8/10 A great racing movie. However, I do a bit of racing myself and the movie didn't portray the speed of touge racing as well as it could have. Didn't show how fast it gets and how hectic it really can be. Although they showed interesting concepts and art to show how things worked, and the fact that skill really can beat an opponents more powerful car, I feel there is a small margin of improvement. The scenery and cars were great. The effects were a good touch. Nothing too flashy but nothing ordinary either, which is good.

One down side I saw was some of the crashes in the movie. They were unrealistic in physics and the overall combination with the movie didn't fit by how the realtime showed it happen. Because of this I was greatly disapointed with how they didn't catch that during the review and screening process...

One thing I did notice, though, is mechanical. I am not a complete mechanic but the Panda Trueno doesn't have a 150 horse power engine. I believe it was 121 horses new. Hard to determin in the movie whether or not it was Bunta who increased the power of the car or if they accidently made a mistake with the technicality. I just pretend it was Bunta's doing as they basically said it was Bunta who made the car "perfect." But non the less I ask still had to point that out for both the movie and anime.

Another thing I would have liked to seen in the movie is the binging of the car when it exceeded 100 kph (or was it 120? I forget) like in the first stage of Initial D the anime. Although even the anime slacked off after Stage 1 as they took it out. Don't know why. It was a realism they should have kept.

Voice Acting: 10/10 I listened to the English dubbed version and thought it was very well done. They played their characters well and the voice acting seemed legit to fit the characters looks and personality. Very well done.

Overall: 9/10 Other than the flaws listed in art/design I saw nothing wrong with this movie. It was fun to watch and imagine while at the same time maintained a specific realism to actual downhill racing. One thing left to state:
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Old 2008-07-01, 17:02   Link #2
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4th Stage was the sequel.
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Old 2008-07-01, 18:06   Link #3
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I prefer 2nd stage the best.

A lot of "tension" in it.
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Old 2008-07-07, 16:13   Link #4
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Does, nobody read posts on this forum? I wasn't talking about a sequal to the anime. In fact they are making one of those again. I am talking about the movie. "I have recently watched all the anime of Initial D, which came after me watching the Movie. And I have only one question: Why isn't there a sequal to the movie?" It is in the second sentence for crying out loud. Are you moderators just reading the first post and making a decision then or what??? Move my post back to its original spot.
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Old 2008-07-08, 17:07   Link #5
Lord Sesshoumaru
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There has been talk of a sequel but it's been talk for the past few years. If they do make another sequel though then i fear that unless they split it up amoungst many sequels they're just gonna ruin the whole story line...

I already didn't like the fact that the movie crammed the whole first, second and third stage into a 2 hr movie that pretty much killed the whole story aspect of him improving as a racer.

So needless to say if a sequel comes out i'll watch it...but as it stands right now the live action movie to me is pretty much just another "Fast and the Furious" type movie but slightly better.
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Old 2008-07-09, 02:11   Link #6
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There won't be a sequel because Edison Chen's been too busy making his own movies, if you know what I mean.
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Old 2008-07-10, 02:03   Link #7
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That's such jokes :P. You're right though, there isn't a sequel to initial D without Ryosuke, and Edison won't be able to be in it.
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Old 2008-07-10, 07:06   Link #8
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I've read the first post, so here's my two cents whether a sequel could be done:

My beef with this live-action adaptation was that it seemed all too rushed and, just as one forumer said, everything seemed to have been crammed into some 80 minutes, having not much opportunity to give the characters and the story added dimension.

Although possibly more mediocre than the drifting-in-depth Initial D franchise, the Fast and the Furious movies, including Tokyo Drift raised the bar on how to make an entertaining racing/drifting movie for racers by some racers (including the real Drift King, who did the drifting work in there, piloting that Lancer Evo, and a humorous cameo).

That's what the sequel should do: it must be more entertaining and with added depth; it must be better than the FntF franchise.
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Old 2008-08-02, 14:04   Link #9
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Yea that is true. I still liked the movie. I thought they did decently adapting it though. I mean it is kind of hard to watch an anime and see a movie that is exactly the same to me. It is just pointless. I liked the modifications they did with characters and such. I do wish they concentrated on more drifiting aspects and not just showing cars though. Anyone know a way to encourage sequals? I mean in general not just this one?
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