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Old 2008-08-06, 15:40   Link #1
Akuma HighClass Commander
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Okay another one on my latest movie trailer updates this time it's the remake of Friday the 13th.This remake looks very good, hope that the movie looks as good as the trailer.Enjoy!!

PS: OMG!!! Jason can run now!!!?

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Old 2008-08-06, 16:08   Link #2
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
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Ooh dear God another!

edit: ooh its a remake okay XD

edit2: looks promising, indeed Jason runnign is a great improvement
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Old 2008-08-06, 16:46   Link #3
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I am actually very excited for this remake. The first 2 Friday the 13th movies were the best of the series (easily), and only the second one focused on Jason (I am hoping to see more of Mama Voorhees), so a remake of the orgin story sounds promising (it helps that the director, Marcus Nispel, was the director for the decent Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake (Michael Bay as producer is a little worrisome, but only because I dislike Bay ). This, along with the Halloween remake and the eventual Nightmare remake certainly bring back a lot of fun teen memories .

I especially like these remarks (from the director and producers) from wikipedia:

For this film, Jason's intelligence and thought processing is more defined. Mears likens the character to John Rambo, Tarzan and the Abdominal Snowman from Looney Tunes. Jason is like Rambo because the audience will see him setting the other characters up to fall into his traps. Like Rambo, he is more calculated because he feels that he has been wronged and he is fighting back. He is meant to be more sympathetic in this film.
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Old 2008-08-06, 16:50   Link #4
Daniel E.
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Originally Posted by Kankel View Post
PS: OMG!!! Jason can run now!!!?
Awww, you mean Jason no longer "teleports" to catch his victims!?
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