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Old 2004-04-26, 04:38   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Ambience Blue
If you haven't finished Kimi, you'd better do it, Idk how you'd live not knowing the ending lol.
For the time being, with the variety of shows I'm keeping up with, I can live without knowing how it ends if it keeps me from feeling depressed for hours after each episode. I honestly just haven't been in a depressing mood lately, so I seem to have a lot less patience with that sort of thing right now. Which is too bad, to some extent, since it means I'm missing out on some truly high quality shows.

But I figure I'll one day be in the mood for something like Kimi ga ~ and I'll return to it, none the worse for wear.
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Old 2004-04-27, 19:05   Link #22
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You know what anime really riled my emotions out of the 100's of series i've seen it would have to be Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. yes its a gundam, but the amount of death and tragedy to the many characters you come to know and at times admire is crazy, apparently the author who made this was in a depression whilst making big surprise if you watch it, Don't get me wrong its imo one of the if not the best Gundam series i've seen with its plenty of action and character developments, but at times the direction of the story can leave you yelling at the screen as thats how much it can draw you in.

its available from


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