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Old 2008-07-21, 19:12   Link #61
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My favorite is from the manga, StrikerS part:

"To win against an opponent stronger than yourself, you must not be weaker than that opponent."
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Old 2008-08-17, 02:51   Link #62
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Mine's from As...

Bring forth spears and infuse them with blood. -- Bloddy Dagger

I love that from reinforce!!! ^^

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Old 2008-08-17, 08:20   Link #63
ho hee~
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i can't really think of anything (or maybe theres just too many)
well im going to say "STARLIGHT BREAKER"... thats the epic moment and quote
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Old 2008-08-17, 10:03   Link #64
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My favorite quote in StrikerS has to be (wording may have changed)

Zafira: Yes
Erio: Zafira can talk?!?!
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Old 2009-07-30, 22:52   Link #65
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For would have to be from the last episode of A's in which Reinforce responds to when Nanoha says "But that's still just so sad" (in regards to having to destroy her [Reinforce])

"One day, you will surely understand. To meet such a person, to love them deeper than the sea and wish to protect their happiness."
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Old 2009-08-30, 18:09   Link #66
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From StrikerS episode 20:

Fate: "I...Do you know how much we've worried?"
Nanoha: "I do."
Nanoha [with a sweet smile]: "I know very well how much you've worried about me."

And of course:
Bardiche: Yes sir!
Laevantine: Explosion!
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Old 2010-02-04, 01:01   Link #67
Maniacal laughter ensues.
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Recent post reminded me that this little flashback wasn't in here:

Fate: "Erio, you can't flare up at people just like that..."
Erio: "Shut up, this has nothing to do with you!
Fate: "It does have something to do with me. Erio, I want you to be happy, and I've come to take you from this place.
Erio: "Who asked you to do that?! I'm nothing to you! NOTHING AT ALL!
Fate: "You aren't nothing, I-"
*Erio blasts Fate with electricity*: "DON'T TOUCH ME!"
*Fate holding Erio anyway*: "See, Erio. Right now you're full of unhappy feelings, and thoughts of unforgivable things. I certainly wouldn't be able to understand all of it, but I want to try to understand at least a little. I think we can even share some of our unhappiness. I was the same as you, Erio. I was told I was unneeded by the person I loved the most. I was told I was a failure. It was lonely. It was painful. I felt like dying. ...But, unhappiness does not last forever. Fun things, happy things, if you look for them, you will certainly find them. I will help in your search. So please, don't hurt others in your sadness."
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Old 2010-02-09, 16:35   Link #68
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I always liked the Yesy fansub translation for when Quattro realizes she's gonna get blasted.

Quattro: "Don't tell me... she's just gonna blast through the walls? Oh sweet mother of God..."

I think it captures it better than the ones that go "No way! Impossible! Ridiculous!"
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Old 2010-02-09, 20:34   Link #69
Worshipper of Nanoha...
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Bardiche: Hello, my lady... (ViVid; to Vivio; I just like it how he calls every other female, "Lady", but calls Fate, "Sir"...)
Raising Heart: Good job! (ViVid; to Vivio; Probably the only thing RH says right in English...)

I know this thread is about the canon (I think...) but I can't help but post my favorite quotes of non-canon...

Nanoha: You know, if Fate becomes...horny...does that mean Arf goes into heat? (Paraphrase...can't remember if it was from a a fic or not...)

Nanoha: You know who I am!? I'm the White Devil, bitch! (Guess where I got this from?)

Fate: KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! (Now REALLY guess where I got this from...)
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Old 2010-05-05, 03:13   Link #70
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"Your hand sure is warm, Nanoha"

I have no idea, but it's a pretty funny thing to say in another wise very heartwarming scene.
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Old 2010-05-15, 15:47   Link #71
shiroi mahotsukai
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Lotte(about Yuuno): i see that you have a lovely rodent companion with you, an i eat it?
Chrono, you can do whatever you want with im after work.
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Old 2010-05-16, 19:58   Link #72
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"It's okay if I'm a devil... I'll just have to use my hellish powers... to get you to listen!"

Nanoha, from... it was from A's, but I forget which episode. I love the line so much, I stole it for my own work.
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Old 2011-08-30, 16:57   Link #73
Sunder the Gold
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*Yuuno jumps in front of Nanoha, intercepting Arf with Circle Protection*

Yuuno: "Nanoha, please take care of that girl!"

Arf: "You think I'll let you?!" *begins clawing at the barrier with a Barrier Breaker spell*

Yuuno: "I'll make you let me!"
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Old 2011-09-14, 12:59   Link #74
Mr Coin
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From both Laevatein and Graf Eisen.

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Old 2011-09-26, 15:27   Link #75
shiroi mahotsukai
Under Death by College
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"Take my hand, come with me and I'll protect you from anyone and anything in this world. Not because I'm your daughter but because your my mother."

Fate to Precia, Season One Finale. Might not be exact words.

"I was always like this wasn't I? Never understanding things until it was too late."

Precia, reflecting on her action at the end of the Movie.
"The eyes are the windows that let us gaze upon the soul"
"When desperate there are two choices: Lock shields for the last stand or draw your sword for the final charge"
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