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Old 2004-04-30, 23:46   Link #21
Kurumada's lost child
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Originally Posted by monir
Scary! Those are exact replica of Bush's uhm.... expression. Are those clones? I ask because I was sure that Mr. Bush was impervious to the cloning phenomenon. One more question for Sugetsu. Will Mr. Bush be accepted by the voters if he watches Hunter X Hunter?
The answer to your question is definitely YES!, The voters would surely choose him as presindent of US for the second time because of his good taste for fine shows such as HxH. Most voters would think, oh this man is not as monkey face as we thought, why didn't he tell us that he was watching Hunter x Hunter?

PS. However, his popularity would be the highest in United States hystory if he says that he waches Saint Seiya
"If you educate people, you cannot control them." ~Jacque Fresco
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Old 2004-04-30, 23:54   Link #22
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Ha Ha great pics. They all look very similar. As for that idiot monkey by the name of George W, don't expect him to get elected again for saying he watched HxH or any other anime. He'll probably lie and say he did just like he lied about everything else
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Old 2004-05-01, 00:55   Link #23
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Ahh... I get it, so Bush is the clone of the chimp...makes sense now.
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Old 2004-05-01, 06:07   Link #24
A laughing demonic Skull
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sugetsu it's too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For anime resemblance, in a thread i saw someone saying that osaka look like the artist girl who was first victime of the shounen bat in Paranoia Agent.

I think that lying is a politican duty. They do that so often that it look like it.
If he ever watch anime he will start a war with Japan.

-Bush: what? Kill them all! They make money with it and it's something that people can enjoy.
-Powell: Ok! we wanted to kill more people aniway. We have to prove that we are superior. i will send some stupid american to do our dirty job.
-Bush: Call my old friend Benladen! Tell him to take some vacation there.
again i'm

i said stupid american because this is surely what think Bush of them.
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