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Old 2008-07-12, 00:45   Link #21
what Yagi said
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Originally Posted by shelter View Post
They've been around for 10 years now, so I think the novelty of strangeness has worn off I think the strangest/ neatest buildings are just right in our own backyard (not always in Dubai or Shanghai, or some new developing city). We've probably just gotten too used to them.
Hey shelter, whats up?

I agree, much of the best stuff are ones we already have in our areas. We're just used to them already. That's why you should post anything that catches your eye, because even if you've seen them many times, we haven't.

Originally Posted by Vinak View Post
its the Louvre museum.
The Louvre is a work of art in itself.

It's kind of funny. Many people in Paris HATE the glass pyramid in the middle. And it does look out of place with the classical style of the museum itself.

I came across some more interesting resorts that are upcoming.

Here are the Hydropolis resorts currently under construction in both Qingdao China and Dubai.

While some resorts have certain parts underwater, both the Hydropolis resorts will be entirely underwater in the Persian Gulf and the Yellow Sea respectively.

Spoiler for Hydropolis China:

Spoiler for Hydropolis Dubai:

This one is going to be in Songjian, China.
It's built into an old mining quarry that has been filled with water. Much of it will be underwater.
Spoiler for Waterworld:

Spoiler for Apeiron Island Hotel:

Check this one out that's being constructed right now in Baku, Azerbaijan
Spoiler for Death Star Hotel:

And this one is deeply still in the design phase. But, wow .

Spoiler for Lunatic Hotel - on the moon!:
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Old 2008-07-12, 07:08   Link #22
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As far as I know : Monumen Nasional (Indonesian for National Monument). Looks like a giant torch. The flame on top is made from bronze plated with pure gold. The inside is... a museum.

Spoiler for Image:

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Old 2008-07-12, 18:39   Link #23
horo fan
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Originally Posted by Furuno View Post
As far as I know : Monumen Nasional (Indonesian for National Monument). Looks like a giant torch. The flame on top is made from bronze plated with pure gold. The inside is... a museum.

Spoiler for Image:
that it does, i am loving these interesting pics. i always thought that the louvre had awesome architecture
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Old 2008-09-05, 21:32   Link #24
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Calling all Star Wars Fans.... a Death Star shaped Hotel!


Death Star Hotel Promises Finest Amenities, Terror

I have to say this for whoever is behind Baku, Azerbaijanís proposed Death Star-shaped hotel: they know how to prey on our cultural reference points in exchange for money. Honestly, who doesnít want to stay at a hotel that looks like the Death Star? Okay, the ability to obliterate whole planets is too much power for even the most conscientious of hotel owners to wield, but that doesnít make it any less cool.

What Iím wondering is just how much this particular shape resonates with the rest of the world. Americans and most other Westerners will instantly recognize it, of course, but what about the locals? When this thing actually starts going up, are they just going to be confused?

Probably. Especially when you see it from another angle, which is a definite letdown. Apparently these Imperial Forces couldnít shell out the coin for anything other than a frontal faÁade.

Just the same, Iím holding out hope that the inside is decked out in full Death Star mode, complete with Storm Troopers constantly marching off to some vague destination. Is that asking too much?

Yeah, I guess so, but then Iím not going to Azerbaijan anyway. If ever there was a target for terrorists looking to cast themselves as heroic rebels against an evil empire, that thing is it.

A quick Google search of "Death Star shaped hotel" brings up pages and pages of links to this planned hotel.

Now the question is: would you actually stay in it?

(I know I would!)
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Old 2008-09-05, 22:05   Link #25
♪♫ Maya Iincho ♩♬
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The hotel seems unstable from the picture... but from an engineering stand point of view. It's utterly amazing.

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Old 2008-09-05, 23:00   Link #26
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Apparently it will be 105 stories. It looks like it woul be structurally unstable even with it actually being pretty flat. Also I can not think of a more inappropriate place to put such a building. The majority of the areas population don’t even have a proper roof over their head. I guess simple things like shacks for refugees aren’t flashy enough for a place like Azerbaijan to spend it’s billions on when comparing it to recreating Naboo on their shoreline. Who the heck is going to fill this thing, tourists? I am not sure what is more strange, the building or the location. Some how, I have a feeling this is one of those projects that will never get completed.
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Old 2008-09-05, 23:04   Link #27
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Man, a Death Star in Azerbaijan? I hope al-Asad doesn't get his hands on that for Zakhaev...

...oh, wait, they're both dead...

That's pretty amazing, but in the first picture from that angle, it looks like it has a slight oblong shape to it instead of a circle, so it looks more like Robotnik's Death Egg than it does Vader's Death Star...
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