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Old 2008-09-05, 19:01   Link #1
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Subtitles won't show up with converted file

Alright, here's my situation: my computer is older so I cannot under any circumstances watch most HQ releases, ESPECIALLY x264 or anything resembling, so my only option, really, is to watch it on my xbox 360.

Now, I used this program to convert an .mkv into a .mp4:

Now here is the problem: If I view the new file it creates in, say, VLC, the subtitles display fine (at least from what my weak-willed computer can muster), but if I try it out in Media Player Classic, while the video will still be laggy (but nowhere near as much), subtitles are NOWHERE to be found, even with CCCP installed. And if I put it onto my xbox 360, it plays perfectly, but once again, no subtitles.

Can anybody give me a suggestion or something?

EDIT: Okay, as it turns out, VLC wasn't exactly showing the right subtitles. I'd forgotten I'd had a soft-sub loaded. Now there's kind of a new problem.

I'd used a program to extract the subtitle file from the .mkv, but NOW, whenever GotSend finishes converting a file I tell it to use the subtitles with, it finishes and then the file INSTANTLY DISAPPEARS.


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Old 2008-09-06, 14:12   Link #2
Dark Shikari
x264 Developer
Join Date: Feb 2008
Turn on "autoload VSfilter" in CCCP settings, then re-convert the video.
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Old 2008-09-07, 02:09   Link #3
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Tried that. Unfortunately, no change or improvement.
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