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Old 2008-09-08, 23:09   Link #1
disrespectful heckler
Join Date: May 2008
Location: eugene, oregon, U.S.A.
Age: 30
it's on, but dosn't play.

i can't understand the wording on this board so if there is already a topic like this you can lock this one.

i downloaded some bit torrent stuff for a while and is always worked fine. the downloads worked and the files played, but recently the files don't play anymore. there's no warning signs, no error occeured signs, and the media player works fine. when i press play on the thing the quicktime player show that the video is playing but nothings happeneing and the "play bar" at the bottom acts as if nothing is playing.

anyone got an idea what i did to cause this.
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Old 2008-09-09, 01:31   Link #2
Dark Shikari
x264 Developer
Join Date: Feb 2008
Originally Posted by gold_orb View Post
quicktime player
And there is your problem right here.
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Old 2008-09-09, 02:35   Link #3
Just call me Ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: U.K. Hampshire
More info would help, such as what you are using, what you are trying to play, what codecs you have, etc., etc. Other than that...

[READ ME FIRST] How do I get this fansub to play?
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