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Old 2008-09-10, 04:46   Link #1
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Fantasy anime titles?

I need TONS of anime for watching while traveling with train every day (devouring books is too much expensive) thanks to my iPod, so please report all fantasy anime you know (like Fate//stay night, scrapped princes...)
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Old 2008-09-10, 05:11   Link #2
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Twelve Kingdoms, with 54 episodes it should also lst a while...
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Old 2008-09-10, 06:02   Link #3
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54? Try 45 also, unless you like a story that doesn't actually go anywhere and likely never will now, don't watch past ep39, that's the ep that finishes all the major story threads, anything past that point is stuff they were going to do but never actually did (for various reasons that I won't bother listing here).

Scrapped Princess you've already seen, so if you liked that you should certainly watch The Third (it's not actually fantasy but post apocalyptic future, it's awesome though).

Rune Soldier Louie is a fun fantasy romp.
Slayers will keep you going for three full seasons of 26eps each as well if you haven't seen it, and is probably the best fantasy anime ever made. You should probably avoid all the oavs and movies though, they're kinda crap and don't feature a bunch of the best characters (ie, all of them except Lina, who is obviously the main character in them still).

Tales of Eternia is a reasonably good fantasy anime, though it's based on the game so if you haven't played any Tales games a lot of it might not make too much sense. It's still plenty watchable though

Fantastic Children is uh.... kinda more of an adventure anime than actual fantasy, it's still great though.

Hmm, can't really think of any others that are actual fantasy atm, except Tower of Druaga, which I didn't watch because I'm not generally into mmo turned anime, but you might like it. Oh, and Ragnarok the Anime, which is obviously also adapted from an mmorpg, it's not actually that bad a show though surprisingly heh.
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Old 2008-09-10, 07:16   Link #4
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Please define better "fantasy" because I think most of the animes (except the ones related to everyday life) have a bit of fantasy in them...If u do so, I promise u I'll make a huge list for you (and just with good animes, not with trash u might not enjoy) .
Btw, where is ur avatar from (offtopic sry)?
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Old 2008-09-10, 13:51   Link #5
Phase Angle
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Perhaps the purest fantasy is The Twelve Kingdoms.
Others (not listed): Seirei no Moribito, Claymore, Berserk, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Soul Eater, Amatsuki, Princess Tutu, Vision of Escaflowne, Black Blood Brothers, (not sure about this one, but ...) Deltora Quest, Heroic Age of Arslan, Fushigi Yugi, Karas, Shining Tears x Wind, Record of the Lodoss Wars, Rental Magica. Hope they will be interesting killing time Although I dislike them, Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima are also fantasies (allegedly known to have at least 2 seasons)

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Old 2008-09-10, 15:12   Link #6
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I think that Shamanic Princess is also worth mentioning in here...
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Old 2008-09-10, 22:29   Link #7
Join Date: Jul 2006
Age: 31
Seconding Record of lodoss wars OVA (medieval fantasy with knights and stuff, a classic), Escaflowne (medieval fantasy... with mechas?! and an annoying heroine), Dragon quest (from the game, medieval fantasy), The slayers (medieval fantasy with a lot of magic stuff, but it's mainly comedy... the serious part is always at the middle and at the end of the seasons), Bastard (it doesn't finish...) and more on the darker side, Berserk (very dark/mature/gory stuff, especially the manga, the anime also doesn't finish)
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Old 2008-09-11, 00:35   Link #8
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Old 2008-09-12, 17:03   Link #9
Arigatou Gozaimasu
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Well Try

Mai Otome
Gurren Lagann (Fantasy + Mecha)
Macross Frontier
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Old 2008-09-12, 17:09   Link #10
See You En' Tee
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Age: 30
Shakugan no Shana
Kaze no Stigma
Zero no Tsukaima

all fantasy titles, worth a watch a spose
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Old 2008-09-13, 03:48   Link #11
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Utawarerumono is perfect if you're looking for an adventure/fantasy similar to Scrapped Princess.
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