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Old 2008-09-07, 09:20   Link #1
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Google Street View - Tokyo

Latest update announced yesterday in Sightseer brings street images from Tokyo. Looks like they visited good place but on wrong day
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Old 2008-09-13, 12:12   Link #2
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Thanks! I've never seen Akihabara before. As you said, it's not as vibrant as it should be. I guess they filmed it on an early Monday morning. ^^;;

For those using Google Earth and have never seen Akihabara before, it's a little hard to pinpoint it on the map. Here are some pointers:
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Old 2008-09-13, 12:23   Link #3
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Yeah, most of the busy places are done in really early morning.

For somewhat obvious reasons street view is not particularly useful if all you can see are giant masses of people.
Frankly Tokyo street view is pretty dang impressive, considering how tiny and numerous all the little streets are. They even have my apartment!
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Old 2008-09-13, 12:45   Link #4
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Sheesh. They have my building also. It looks like the shot was take around 7-8AM or so.
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Old 2008-09-14, 16:18   Link #5
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Not even this will help dispel the rose colored glasses weeaboos wear while thinking about Japan.
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