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Closed Thread
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Old 2008-09-17, 16:22   Link #2061
Join Date: Aug 2007
Position(s): Translators, Translation Checkers, Scene Timers
Group: Instantz
We need one or more translators for the following projects we're looking to pick up in the Fall and Winter seasons:
Fall series: One Outs
Fall OVAs: Initial D, Extra Stage 2, Tabidachi no Green (3. October) and Hell's Angels (October)
Winter series: Major 5th Season, Hajime no Ippo

We need timers able to do everything themselves (scene timing) from scratch (You just get the script, no rough timing done) for the following new series, and maybe current projects:
One Outs, Hell's Angels, Hajime no Ippo, Major 5th Season

We also need translation checkers to help us finish our current projects, where we have MANY scripts which need translation checking. If you have interest in a project we're considering, do not hesitate to contact us - the more staff interested, the more likely we pick it up

IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: `Hyrrokkin
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Old 2008-09-17, 17:01   Link #2062
Join Date: Jan 2004
Age: 32
I don't do many of these, so here we go... is looking for a translator specifically for the upcoming season 2 of Vampire Knight. Reason being is most of the translators at Shinsen-subs enjoy mecha or fighting or classic animes, so when asked if they wanted to do it, they went "LOL NO WAY". So, for this project, I'm looking outside of our 4 walls.

The Translator only has to stay for this project, but must be able to produce a script with in 1-2 days of airing. Also, He/she must be commited to the project and not bail half way through. We are not looking for a chinese -> English translator, only Japanese -> English.

Anyhow, Post on the Shinsen-subs forums or Pm me or Asakomi on rizon.

IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Vincent or Asakomi
Give up and face fact, you aren't the best fansubber that ever was, or there ever will be. So stop crying, we're all sick of your half made points, with no supporting evidence.
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Old 2008-09-18, 09:27   Link #2063
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Group:RoKEn Translations (we are new)
Project:Princess Maker 4 Korean- English translation
Position:Editor, Beta-Tester.

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Old 2008-09-20, 14:49   Link #2064
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
Group: Shintei-Subs
Projects: Well pick when have staff for it.
Positions: Translators, Translator Checkers, Editor, Timers, Karaoke, Typesetter, Quality Check
IRC Channel: #Shintei-Subs
IRC Network: Rizon
IRC Contact: Dragon4333
Email: Or pm me here

This is a new group that im starting. Anyone is welcome to join as long as you can do the job that you are applying.

Last edited by Dragon4333; 2008-09-20 at 21:08.
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Old 2008-09-21, 23:01   Link #2065
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Yokosuka, JP
Age: 37
Group: FreeLanceFansubs

Project(s): Check our channels topic ;p.

IRC Channel: #FLF @


Contacting: msg getfresh on irc or post in the forums on our website in the "recruiting" section.

Position(s): Translators/trans checkers, editors, .ass typesetters or whatever else

Requirements: for everything other than translating you must have prior experience as well as references from ACTIVE fansubbers in groups you HAVE worked with to vouch for your ability. I prefer the reference to be the groups leader but this is not a requirement. You must also speak English, know how to use IRC, and not be an assbag.

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Old 2008-09-22, 20:14   Link #2066
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Group: STAR-fansub

Position: Translator (J/C to E)
Project: anything you want; we need a translator to finish BD though, if that suits your fancy

We need a translator the most, just like every other group out there.

Position: Timer
Project: Mission-E; any other projects the TLs pick up

Yes, we also need you [timers].

Position: Typesetter
Project: Mission-E; any projects the TLs pick up

You too.

Position: Editor
Project: any project the TLs pick up


STAR is looking for new and talented members to join our staff! We're a close-knit group with relatively few members at the moment and are looking to expand. Join our IRC channel at #STAR and message an OP to apply. You will [probably] be tested by one of our members.

Contact: irc:// --- message tardy, MadRat-, Zurenriri, HCl, or anyone else that's an OP and hope they're not a bot.

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Old 2008-09-23, 08:10   Link #2067
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
GroupGroup Whore, Inc. (aka pichu, or anyone who wants to help)
Freelance ForInitial typesets (credits, styling, episode title designs), Group/Title Logo, Karaoke
ProjectsOnly Fall 2008
Contactpichu or anyone on #GWi @
MemoQuit the chitchatting; let's get down to business.
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Old 2008-09-24, 18:05   Link #2068
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
VK Guilty Fansub - requesting a TLer

Hi, I have started up a quality-sub group dedicated to sub Vampire Knight Guilty.

At the moment, all positions are filled except a translator but we would be more than happy to get as much help as we can, so drop by and give a shout if there is anything else you need. If you are interested in TLing for this series, please drop by #PoWaH on Rizon or PM triviper and we can figure something out. You can also find us at

Primary Request: Translator

Secondary Request: Anything else

p.s. I don't mind taking up an additional project at the request of the TL as long as they are willing to do VKG ofc

Last edited by triviper; 2008-10-04 at 12:22. Reason: Positons updated
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Old 2008-09-25, 01:44   Link #2069
Join Date: Jul 2006
I am a timer looking for work.. Have done many projects in the past but kind of stepped outta the hobby for a bit due to family issues

My skills I can bring to the table are as follows:

Aegis Knowledge
Substation Alpha Knowledge
Basic Typesetting / Font stylization
Casual Conversational in japanese and can read Hiragana / Katakana and 200+ kanji So kara timing KANJI is not a problem for me.

I'm looking for any project really but I do have 1 anime in my mind I would REALLY love to work on and thats Shikabane Hime. I am a HUGE Gainax fan.

Open to any project though

I am very easy to work with and prefer a relaxed atmosphere as opposed to speed subbing.. I can work fast when neccessary and I don't put things off. But I do this for fun not for a second job.

AIM - V1su4l Ke1
Email -
IRC - Nikubenki

or just contact me by PM on here if interested..

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Old 2008-09-25, 14:35   Link #2070
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Conor-Subs, an Israeli (JEW!) fansub group is looking for an English group to partner with for Kyou no 5 no 2 (the upcoming (5/10) TV anime, not the OVA).
Our translator hasn't ridden enough dickslides to get the entire episode, so we have to steal your translation! :p

Why would you partner with jews? Because we can provide a .ts source :p

- You must not suck (:P)

You provide:
- post-TLC script
- Inflatable dickslide

We provide:
- 30 day risk free dickslide-back guarantee! (but we won't suck, so don't get your hopes up)
- .ts source
- [scene] Timing, kfx & ktime, ASS typesetting (optional, tell us you want them :p)

Coma @ Rizon, PM here or MSN

Last edited by comatose; 2008-09-26 at 05:37.
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Old 2008-09-26, 23:15   Link #2071
Join Date: Nov 2007
Looking for a translator to translate Cosmic Baton Girl Episodes 23+, We already have everything...Just need a translator.

Contact Aiki @
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Old 2008-09-27, 15:24   Link #2072
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Group: Batsu-Geimu
Projects: Juushin enbu
Positions: Translator,encoder
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Campa
Website: not yet.

Batsu-Geimu is a new group premiering this season. We have 2 new shows we are doing for sure. plus one older one which we plan to finish at some point.. But on top of that i have embarked on the mission to get the last 9 eps of Juushin Enbu subbed. since no one else is. The only thing we need is a translator, if your interested in helping please feel free to contact me on irc or e-mail me.

We are also looking for a back up encoder to lighten our current encoders workload.
thank you.
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Old 2008-09-28, 03:45   Link #2073
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
#Nikubenki-Subs is a new group recruiting all positions.. So far only a couple members but all have experience. We want to produce QUALITY subs. No speedsubbing so It will be very relaxed no pressure

Recruiting: All Positions, Especially JP-->ENG Translators.
Group: #Nikubenki-Subs
Project(s): Shikabane Hime, Tales of the Abyss, Kurogane no Linebarrels.. Also whatever the translator wants if its not one of these series'
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Soug,OsuTatakae
Aim contacts: Haku351(Soug), V1sU4L Ke1(OsuTatakae)

Last edited by Haku351; 2008-09-30 at 16:56.
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Old 2008-09-28, 16:59   Link #2074
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008

If you need help with anime subs, I'll be glad to help as a translator(J→E).
It's my first time getting invovled in this kind of project, but I'm currently a university student in Japan so there should be nothing to worry about my Japanese.

Out of the fall series,I personally wanna translate CLANNAD, kannagi, Gundam00,
but I'll always consider working on other projects.

Please PM me or email me at smells-like-try-spirit7989(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)jp
if you're interested.
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Old 2008-09-29, 02:41   Link #2075
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Positions: Typesetter and tl checker/joint.
Group: ST
Current Project: Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002
Irc channel: irc://
Contact: sangofe @ rizon or per e-mail.

I started this group to continue subtitling Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002 where Infusion left off a couple of maybe 3 years ago. We have episode 13 in QC, but, the typesetters keep dropping away like flies for me. Tl checker could be needed for episode 14+, but the tl is quite good at this episode.
Hope to hear from Captain Tsubasa fans,
PS! YES, I will joint only for a typesetter and tl checker.
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Old 2008-09-29, 11:18   Link #2076
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
Position: Translator, Karaoke-fx
Group: Tomodachi
Project: Shikabane Hime: Aka (New Gainax anime)
Contact: or #tomodachi @rizon

We're a new group, with all experienced members. Our other projects are Ninja Senshi Tobikage and Saint Seiya.

We don't speedsub and put HQ before all. So no rush jobs.

Last edited by Chrno2; 2008-09-29 at 16:38.
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Old 2008-09-29, 12:38   Link #2077
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Send a message via MSN to pitty Send a message via Yahoo to pitty
Group: Anime Club Generation and AnimeCrazy.Net joint project
Project: Mouryou no Hako
Position: Translator(s)
-Well, what should I talk about? Mouryou no Hako it's an anime that involves both CLAMP (character design) and MADHOUSE (animation studio).That sounds pretty cool to me. If you add that the themes are Nightmare's songs you get something really worth watching/subbing. ANN
-About the work... Translators should... translate (like d'oh). This joint project wants to make "quality subs". Fast, but not sucking, nor unwatchable releases.
Websites: and
Contact: , , PM me here , leave a message on the website(s), etc...
Stupidity, never-ending stupidity.
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Old 2008-09-30, 00:17   Link #2078
Enigma Collective
Join Date: Sep 2008
Position(s): Translators, Translation Checkers
Group: Enigma Collective
Project(s): Kuroshitsuji, Casshern SINS (only until we're stabilized with Kuroshitsuji), ETC.
IRC Channel:
IM: (MSN), mooglekupo99 (AIM), elvaanguy (Y! IM)

Enigma Collective needs your help! If you are either a Translator or Translation Checker, please contact me by any of the above listings. Please do note as well that you're welcome to sign up as any position you would like.

Also note that if I'm AFK on IRC or my IM, post in the "Recruits!" section of the Enigma Collective forums with the position you would like to apply for and means of contact. You can also PM me on the AnimeSuki forums. Any questions you have will be answered as well.

Thank you!

P.S. The forum is still a work-in-progress, so forgive me if you find it a little disorganized. ^^;

Last edited by Enigma Collective; 2008-10-05 at 12:48.
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Old 2008-09-30, 05:28   Link #2079
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: California
Azayaka-Subs is a new group (taking care of some...)

Group: Azayaka-Subs
Project(s): Rockman.EXE Stream, some others (list to be compiled on website sometime)
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: zhurai-tsuki
Website: (forum:, will be moved somewhere else sometime, with an annoucement on

  • Translators
  • Translation Checkers
  • Editors
  • Timers
  • Stylers
  • Karaoke Timers
  • Karaoke Fxs (AFX/ASS)
  • Titler
  • QCer
  • Encoder

please note that some are more needed at the moment than others, such as

- Translators
- Timers
- Stylers
- Encoders

are the MOST needed at the moment,

and it's always good to have the rest of them, but those above are needed to keep going with trying to get RMS finished, and start some other series as well maybe :x
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Old 2008-09-30, 09:06   Link #2080
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Group:RoKEn Translations (we are new)
Project:Princess Maker 4 Korean- English translation
Position:Editor, Beta-Tester.
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Closed Thread

help thread, recruitment, translator

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