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Old 2008-10-01, 20:45   Link #1
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ok so i am looking for an anime/ manga where someone shrinks in size not age. oh and the series does not have to nessisarily be based around the shrunken characters size, but if there is an episode/ chapter or two that contain a shrinking that is fine.

mangas i have read:

absolute boyfriend chapters like 10-11(maybe)

animes i have watched:

hand-maid may
episode 57(i think) of inuyasha
yuyu hakisho - whatever episode that guy shrunk kuabara

so please recommend more.
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Old 2008-10-01, 21:47   Link #2
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You didn't list Midori no Hibi? That would be the most obvious suggestion.
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Old 2008-10-02, 12:32   Link #3
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You must watch Tenjo Tenge. One of the main characters shrinks herself to the size of a elementary school girl in order to train herself and stays in that form during most of the times.
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Old 2008-10-02, 15:45   Link #4
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The final episode of Shuffle! Memories contains some shrinking characters. However to really understand a couple things you're probably going to want to have seen Shuffle! already (which Memories is basically a long recap of the series splitting each girl's story into 2 episodes... which doesn't do them any favors imo) and during that there is nothing like shrinking. So if you want to watch a 24 (I think) episode series just for what amounts to an OVA episode at the end... Of course, I think Shuffle! itself is a decent series anyways so I'd recommend it anyways if you like romance mixed with some magic lol.

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