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Old 2008-10-08, 20:08   Link #41
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/sigh. I still can't wait for the sub of the first episode. I thought there was a bit more hype about this anime than there apparently is, considering how quickly most of the fall season premiere animes have been subbed already and this one is still lingering. Any word if Guilty is going to stick to the manga? I know Season 1 skipped around quite a bit.
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Old 2008-10-09, 20:32   Link #42
Shadow Kira01
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It'd be cool if some of the vampires start to grow wings.
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Old 2008-10-10, 07:20   Link #43
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so does anybody know what anime falls under what chapter of vampire knight manga?
I want to know if its going to follow the story or not.
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Old 2008-10-11, 00:28   Link #44
Heaven's Nightmare
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I expect the anime to end here, no thirds nor fourths seasons (because the manga plans to go on apparently). So to make a proper ending, I think a super-emo ending with everyone dying would be ok. Think about it, we have the night class desperately fighting for their lives against "manga bad guy's followers" (no need for spoilers), while Zero loses it and attacks Kaname with all he has, why? just because he hates him and all he wants now is to kill him. Yuuki watches, feeling like the worst piece of s**t because of her inhability to do anything to stop them from killing each other. Finally, Zero with his super power manages to kill Kaname, which would be quite an irony for Kaname to be killed by his favourite puppet (and personally I really want to see this), but after killing him, all Zero has left to do now is to fall to a level E and live normally as that what he has ever hated, a vampire. So he becomes a level E or the thought makes him commit suicide (I think it's possible, emo-Zero is really capable of that). And the last, Yuuki lives alone the rest of her life, always regreting not being able to do anything to change things.

And that the ending I want. sorry I was bored, I hoped you don't mind.
Now, I'm off to some other thread. Bye
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Old 2008-10-12, 15:27   Link #45
Starry Dust
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@ Deadwings: Wow, do you know how upset and depressed the manga fans ( maybe anime fans too ) will become if that happens? lol

I don't mind an ending like that....maybe because it'll give me a good reason to cry but if a third season was to be planned, we would have to wait more than a year for that to happen. Possibly they can end it with a cliff-hanger instead and in the end, say "Screw you! Read the manga!!!" from there on ~ha xD

It may give the manga even more publicity, who knows.
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Old 2008-10-12, 16:12   Link #46
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Originally Posted by BunnyCupCakes View Post
It may give the manga even more publicity, who knows.
If the US manga scene is any indication, I don't think the VK manga needs any more publicity. (Vampire Knight is regularly in the top 5 best-selling US manga whenever a new volume is released.)

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Old 2008-10-13, 21:21   Link #47
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They'll end it with either one of them dies... The end.
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Old 2008-10-18, 05:32   Link #48
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With all the good reviews Vampire Knight Guilty is getting, I wouldn't be surprised to see another season, OAV, or movie at some point since the manga is still ongoing. Also, the biggest change for a character (not going to say who or what) is yet to occur. I can't see them being able to fully resolve this change in 11 episodes as well as the rest of the events going on. We still don't know much about the Council of Elders yet either. I sincerely hope they don't rush it to an ending just to finish it.

Does anyone know how well the show is doing in Japan ratings-wise for late-night shows?

What I am really surprised about is that the show hasn't been licensed in the US yet, since the manga is popular and the reviews at ANN for new episodes are always among the highest (I don't think I've seen any reviewers rate one of the episodes this season below a 4 out of 5). The theme of it also seems like it would be very popular with girls in the US too. I have my money on them licensing it around the NYC Comic-Con time, since Guilty will then be over.
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Old 2008-10-19, 01:10   Link #49
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it'll at least get to the Rudo arc because that's when Yuuki's hair gets long, as shown in the ending. neither Kaname or Yuuki will die.
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