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Old 2004-05-06, 22:33   Link #61
Join Date: Apr 2004
I think it was in 86 or 87 not sure.
It was when that afrodude trew his hair at the witch. Sanji blocked it with his leg and said....

"Hey, hey, hey, Afroman Shootin' your 'fro at a lady, what kinda soul brother is that"

I thought that part was hilarious
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Old 2004-05-07, 15:51   Link #62
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In the One Piece: Clock Tower Town movie (movie #2). When Luffy was in a tight jam about to get squished, he then pushed up then taking several floors with him up to where the battle with the enormous fat dude was going on.
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Old 2004-05-07, 23:47   Link #63
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Every epi I watch, I pretty much have a new fav part so I forgot most of them XD lol

I liked the first movie though, when that oden maker dude is telling a story of his childhood and how he ended up falling off a cliff and stuff. Luffy is like 'And, and?! Did you die?!' Usopp is like 'HE'S TELLING THE STORY, IDIOT' The man goes back to his story saying lucky this ship picked him up and stuff so Luffy goes 'Oh, so you didn't die...' then everyone yells 'NO SHIT!!!!'

lmao, he's so dense it's hilarious XD

I also find it funny how Zoro can sleep anywhere at anytime during any kind of weather lol XD

Originally Posted by Trov
I laughed really hard when Zoro made luffy drink his booger
LOL, that was great XD
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Old 2004-05-08, 05:47   Link #64
2 much 2 watch
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The last episode ( 94 ) was also realy funny, how Luffy entered that restaurant by torpeding Smoker and Ace or how Luffy falls between the rooftops while being chased by Smoker .o.
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Old 2004-05-10, 04:59   Link #65
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Everytime Zoro was badly injured, he went to sleep.
Everytime Luffy use rocket or similar to launch his crew somewhere.
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Old 2004-05-10, 10:57   Link #66
cho~ kakkoii
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Every jaw-hanging moment
Every jaw-hanging moment with the flash of a sharp shark-like teeth
Every jaw-hanging moment with the flash of a sharp shark-like teeth followed by the eyes-popping-out moment
And anytime Chopper cries in sorrow that sounds like, "Oooiieeeeee, oho, oho, *intakes of breath Oooiieeeeee"
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Old 2004-05-10, 11:15   Link #67
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Brooklyn
Originally Posted by Grav
The part where they are in the huge whale's stomach with the old man, and the it keeps going DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN and then the third time they're like STOP DOING THAT!!.. can't you appreciate a good running gag?

God, I was dying.
This is my funniest moment too. I was falling out of my chair when I watched this ep.
I also cracked up when Zoro lost it and wanted to kill him.

Oh wow, Bremm transcribed the whole scene. I was laughing throughout that entire thing.
I also like this one scene where Zoro and Sanji are washing dishes. Every time

Sanji hands him a dish he says "here Zoro" or "hey Zoro" or something else. This goes on for a couple of minutes until Zoro calmly tells him he doesnt have to keep saying that.

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Old 2004-05-11, 10:57   Link #68
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The funniest thing to me is when chopper after being given a compliment starts to laugh and dance around while at the same time telling the person who gave him the compliment that he hates them.
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Old 2004-05-12, 19:49   Link #69
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When Sanji is talking to Crocodile (on the den den mushi) and says: "Hello. Well to the Stingy Restaurant. May have your order?"
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Old 2004-05-12, 19:56   Link #70
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Location: new york city
Originally Posted by Saaruto
When Sanji is talking to Crocodile (on the den den mushi) and says: "Hello. Well to the Stingy Restaurant. May have your order?"

That is a spoiler -.- (so put it in spoiler tags )

One of the most recent funny moments is when luffy spat at smoker inside that restuarant in episode 94... really funny
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Old 2004-05-13, 09:27   Link #71
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I would have to say that the moment i found most amusing was when Luffy was fighting "Arlong" and he say that he really needs his comrades something like this :

I cant use swords...
I cant cook...
I cant navigate ...

I cant even lie!

The look on usopps face is imo the funniest
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Old 2004-05-23, 21:00   Link #72
gomu gomu no baka
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One of my fav. funny moments in OP is when they 1st enter the Grand Line and they meet that old man (forgot his name) that lived inside Laboon.

i like the way the animation would keep pausing and then center in on the old man's eye and then he'd say something really funny.

Usopp: We've got a cannon right here!

Old man: Don't, or someone will die.

Sanji: and who would that be?

Old man: me.

I was ROFLMAOL at this one, but i pretty much laugh at everything that's a joke in OP. another of my favs is when someone explains something to luffy and then he calls it a mystery, hahahaha... classic stuff... just my 2c.

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Old 2004-05-24, 23:59   Link #73
Sir Llamadon
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Yeah, that part with the old man and the flashing screen was pretty funny. Another good one is when Luffy smacks smoker in the back when he was talking to ace in the restaurant in Alabasta. The face ace & Smoker made was hilarious.

Finally when Luffy and his crew just set sail again from Alabasta in the manga chapter 217-16 and everyone is insulting Zoro and Luffy calls him "Three Swords" then Sanji Says: Thats not an insult. Then Luffy calls him "Four Swords" That Was Hilarious!
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Old 2004-05-27, 15:49   Link #74
Kaizoku + Shinobi
Join Date: May 2004
Originally Posted by Nine Devil
Well what do you guyz think was the most funny moment in One Piece.

Mine would be:When luffy was fighting Eneru he did Gomu Gomu baka so Eneru couldn't pedict his moves with Mantra.Luffy's face was awesome but the funny stuff was that that he was so baka that he couldn't attack.Hahahahahha Nami was going mad

well what is yours?
I love the part in episode 92 when Mr. 2 uses his ability to change into everybody and when he gets to Nami, he says, "the body too" and then flashes Luffy, Ussop and Chopper. They go all gaga and then Nami knock out Mr. 2. Couldn't stop laughing bout that part. Showed my house mate, who is not an anime fan as such and he alsmost sh*t himself laughing!

I also like the parts when Wapol is transforming into the 'WAPOL HOUSE', Luffy has this incredibly funny face and he exclaims "Coool". he goes on to make the same face when Wapol swallows his juniors and makes them one.

I alos like any part where someone does somnething and they all talk back loudly with jagged teeth (Zorro does that when Luffy lands on top of him and Ussop from the castle.)
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Old 2004-05-27, 16:10   Link #75
Join Date: Feb 2004
Funniest moment? That's a hard pick....

Funniest recent moment was when the old man was explaining to Luffy about the Dance Pouder and at the end Luffy goes "I understand. So it's a mystery powder!"

Also, I think I laughed the hardest when Luffy was doing the merman drawings, and Sanji kept yelling at him for being stupid, and then he drew the one of the "Nami-mermaid" that pissed Sanji off so bad.

All the "Aren't you cold?" parts of the Drum Kingdom fight were funny, especially in the beginning of the fight were he has to run off to get Nami's jacket.
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Old 2004-06-02, 17:23   Link #76
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Old 2004-06-02, 17:34   Link #77
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There was one super funy thing in One piece that i laughted a llot at , and that was when Nami wakes up in the Drum CAstle and sees Chopper , but the one which was most funis when Sanji and Luffy were half awake and hungry and thouth that Chopper was foooooodddd, and they ran after him and Chopper screamed and ran whille Luffy screamed MEAAAATT , hehehe poor thing
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Old 2004-06-02, 18:40   Link #78
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Mr.2. Anything he did made me laugh (except for

Also the Sanji impression by Luffy had me on the floor. Those are my 2 cents.
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Old 2004-06-06, 15:08   Link #79
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the funniest things...

Luffy: 7 Level Transformations?! *gets all starry eyed*

Dr. Kureha: What's he doing?

Sanji: He's trancended all levels of excitement after hearing about the 7 level transformations.


when chopper does scope:

Luffy: A... A beam! It's definietly a BEAM!
Luffy: Quiet you!
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Old 2004-06-06, 15:33   Link #80
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The funniest moment for me... would be..

From the opening of episode 1, to the end of the recent release episode
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