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Old 2004-05-11, 21:13   Link #61
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2004
OMG Its over! The world have ended!!!
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Old 2004-05-11, 21:37   Link #62
Generic Human
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I don't see how they can play this on cartoon network. unless this is a differnt cartoon network that I know of I cannot think of a series this dark and violent they have ever played.

Just the scene in the opening where ed cuts that chinese style dragon in half would be a push for CN. Let alone things like the nina episode ect. . . I bet they edit this show down to the point we do not even know what show it is any mroe.
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Old 2004-05-11, 21:47   Link #63
little black butterfly
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I wake up this morning after 4 hours of sleep and what do I find????????????

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... oh why... why do ppl have to make money out of this WHY!!!!!???????? Oh they should be cursed for putting this sorrow I feel for the lost of my NUMBER ONE most downloadable anime...... OOHHHH ........... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I am broken... damaged and can never be repaired cos they took my life source away from me!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH the pain... the PAIN!!!!!!

oh well.. time to visit my anime shop again....
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Old 2004-05-11, 21:49   Link #64
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I think I'll go drown myself in bleach now. <.< I can only hope for the best but why fma why ;_;

Originally Posted by Umbrae
I don't see how they can play this on cartoon network. unless this is a differnt cartoon network that I know of I cannot think of a series this dark and violent they have ever played.

Just the scene in the opening where ed cuts that chinese style dragon in half would be a push for CN. Let alone things like the nina episode ect. . . I bet they edit this show down to the point we do not even know what show it is any mroe.
Yea I think so too, I doubt they will play the opening, they never do when it comes to anime. Alot of the scenes are extremely gory and the the subject matter is at times very disturbing. I hope it doesn't turn out like Evangelion did when it first made it's herrendous debut on National US TV. U didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or dorwn myself in bleach.
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Old 2004-05-12, 08:40   Link #65
Mech Engineer
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List of things to do
1. pray that funimation decides to release more than 3 episodes per DVD
2. get around to byeing kiddy grade you moron you've had your copies of the subs for a year now .
3. Preorder ROD collectors box so you'll stop feeling guilty about your sub collection.
4. find out when the Gseed box will be orderable
5. Find out when the FMA box will be orderable.
6. Bring world peace
7. Stop typeing insane messages right after wakeing up.
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Old 2004-05-12, 12:20   Link #66
mada mada dane
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Location: Manila
Age: 42
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Well here we go again peeps.. another anime gets licensed in the US and only in the US and the R1 License spreads to R2 and R3 regions LOL Oh well.. there are other places to get the subs.. you just have to look harder

Anyweis.. back to topic... ive seen some DBZ dubs and IMO it really does suck. I havent gotten the Fruits Basket DVD's or the Kiddy Grade Ones coz ive seen them in subbed so why waste money on them.. there are better things to spend money on (like food and clothing) and R1 DVD's of Anime are hard to come by where im from. IMHO not all Dubs sucks tho.. Robotech, Cowboy Beebop, Dual to name a few
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Old 2004-05-12, 15:47   Link #67
Anime Watcher
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Yu Yu Hakusho was a pretty good FUNI dub (IMO). Maybe it wont be so bad.
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Old 2004-05-12, 17:37   Link #68
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: canada
Age: 29
we can live with it right
like sonchou is going to continue subbing the new episodes right?
so we are going to have 32 around next week or sunday...right?
i hope so
but like if you don't like the dubbed version just watch the subbed...
can anyone tell me exactly what happens when an anime gets licenced.. does that mean its illegal to download episodes?
but seriously i don't think CN will kill fma since its soo good. it will bring it down but still ...
to bad canada has like no rights to anything except inuyasha...
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Old 2004-05-12, 20:47   Link #69
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: I LOVE NEW YORK cough* my ass cough*
Age: 31
You know I just want to ask you guys this...would you buy Funimation DVDS of Fullmetal Alchemist if you had the money?

Personally I would have been glad to buy Fullmetal Alchemist dvds if it was done by someone else....ugh why Funimation....X(
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Old 2004-05-12, 21:09   Link #70
Join Date: Nov 2003
There are some dubs I watch because i like them better than the japanese. Ranma 1/2, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun and FLCL for example.

I think it's all about what you watch first and get to used to. All of those i mentioned above, i watched the dub first, and just can't get used to the sub voices.

Since all of use have gotten used to FMA's voices, it will be hard for us to hear anything else.

It's not about "american voice acting can never show the emotion the japanese does", that's totally false.

When you hear the new voices, they will be compared to the old voices. Unless the japanese va's learn english, the characters will never sound the same. So that's unfair.

So basically, you get used to what you hear for the longest first. Theres always some exceptions, but whatever.
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Old 2004-05-12, 21:14   Link #71
Join Date: Nov 2003
Also, Toonami on the weekdays is no more. It's some meguzi thing now. Toonami is on saturdays, with some of the shows a little later. I could see FMA being on every saturday at 11pm.

So I think all of you are getting ahead of yourself thinking FMA will be on at 4:30 in the afternoon on weekdays heavily censored and butchured. I think it will be either on adult swim or 11pm on saturday toonami.
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Old 2004-05-12, 21:32   Link #72
Youko Recca
Breakdancing Samurai
Join Date: Nov 2003
Quit.The.Fucking.Bitching.Adult Swim is still a damn option and FMA could easily go there with little to no edits.The voice actors might not even be FUNIs.Herei s the trailer:
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Old 2004-05-12, 21:42   Link #73
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Does it really matter? If you don't like the dubs, don't watch them. Can always just buy the DVD's w/ subtitles on them.
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Old 2004-05-12, 22:33   Link #74
Disabled By Request
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Blahhhhhh the already botched the normal intro of Al talking about Equal Trade!! Gahhhh, kill that preview ;p
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Old 2004-05-12, 22:43   Link #75
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Al talking seemed fine to me. Looking forward to seeing this in Oct.
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Old 2004-05-12, 22:46   Link #76
Holy cack!
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It's not really botched. I think Al's Voice is pretty good. He sounds like a kid, just like he should sound. Like ninraven said, it'll take a while to get used to the voices. Besides Funi isn't that bad, their only big mistakes were of relation to DBZ/DBGT. DB, Lupin, and Blue Gender were all good dubs too.
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Old 2004-05-12, 22:55   Link #77
Big Damit!
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Okay, now I am extremly curious what Ed is going to sound like, they at least make AL sound like a real kid. Ed has that weird emotion twang thing, I hope they dont lose that in the dub.
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Old 2004-05-13, 00:00   Link #78
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For real, Al seems fine. I see nothing wrong with this being on Adult Swim, I've watched Adult Swim and FMA is well within its boundries. And they already left the opening alone.
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Old 2004-05-13, 00:16   Link #79
Y fa fret
I'm cold
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Québec
Age: 34
ooo, the world is ending!

I'm very sad this has been liscenced, I want to watch more of it now, not later. And I don't want to pay for DVDs. I already have something that's leeching away all my money (university + warhammer 40K). And I don't watch TV.

But I just thought of something. If I get fansubbed anime that's liscenced, I'm doing something illegal (but I don't care about laws, laws are for idiots.) But I'm also doing something moraly wrong (now that I care about).

So how to make getting fansubbed liscenced anime not be moraly wrong? I know! I'l pay everyone I interact with to get my fansubs!

Let's see what's involved in the process:

-There's me and whatever machine I use to play the animes. The machine is mine and payed with my money, so no problems here, I can do what ever I want with it.

-There's how I get the anime, by the internet. How do I get the internet? From my not-so-friendly and very evil mega corporation ISP. But I fork over 60$ CAD a month for my internet, so I'm covered there too.

-There's Bit Torrent, but I'v already given Bram Cohen 10$, so he's probably happy. I also clik on any add banners that are on the tracker pages I use, that covers them.

-There's the fansubbers, who do it for their pleasure, and for the fans. So I figure I should give them a bit of cash, mostly to cover their internet witch I am using when I download from them. So I'l give them a canadian dollar for every 5 episode I download. That more then covers it for them. This would also cover the raw provider. Because after all, I'm not using that much bandwith, and I always seed AT LEAST twice as much as I download. Often more, witch saves them bandwitch. Thanks again, Bit torrent!

-There's the japanese TV station that plays the show and from witch the raws are pulled. I should send them a buck for every 10 episodes I watch. In this case it's aniplex right? Anyone know where I can send donations?

-There's the animation studio. They do a lot of hard, creative work. I'l give them one dollars for every episode of their's I watch. That's more per episode that they'd be getting if I bought DVDs too. So, where do I send my donations to Studio Bones?

-Finally, there's the original concept creator. I'l give him 0.70 $ for every episode, and that's a whole lot more then he'd get otherwise, since the industry is built in such a way that only people who fork out a lot of cash get a lot of cash. Creativity merrits almost no money as far as economics are concerned, witch is something I find rather sad.

So, once I get those addresses (witch will require me to find someone that reads japanese, but that's not too hard) I'l be able to watch all the liscenced anime fansubs I want, paying off everyone's hard work. No moral qualms, yay.
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Old 2004-05-13, 00:53   Link #80
Prince of Chronics
One Piece fan
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Location: Toronto, Canada
al's voice on the intro is kinda wack... and I think the second opening song is wack compared to the first opening song... they should have used that instead...

anyways... dubs aren't the greatest thing ever... but hell... if you don't like that shit... then don't watch it.... instead.... buy the dvds.... download from groups who will continue to sub this.... download the rips when they come out...... if you feel bad or morally opposed about doing the last two things I've mentioned... then too bad... watch it on cartoon network or even better... go buy the dvds...
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