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Old 2008-10-25, 08:32   Link #81
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Fumoffu easily wins me over.

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Old 2008-10-26, 21:22   Link #82
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The Second Raid for Me.
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Old 2008-10-27, 15:53   Link #83
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me as well
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Old 2008-11-02, 23:02   Link #84
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Fumoffu wins easily. I still haven't got around to finishing up the last few episodes of TSR, so I'd rank them Fumoffu >>>> Season 1 >>>> TSR.

Sousuke's antics are easily FMP's strongest point. The story and the mecha action is good, but it simply doesn't compare to the show's comedy. Fumoffu focuses on the comedy much more than the other two series do, so it wins.
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Old 2008-11-03, 23:46   Link #85
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For me it's the first season, it's just the perfect balance between them all in my opinion.

FMP! -> Fumoffu -> Second Raid. That's my order.
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Old 2008-11-04, 03:33   Link #86
Ahhh, the irony.
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TSR > FMP!. Although IMO they're really close. Half a > maybe. I prefer KyoAni's pacing and execution of the plot though the characterization and production values for both were excellent.

I can't really compare Fumoffu fairly with the other 2, simply because it's a whole different genre. It focuses a lot lot LOT more on comedy and doesn't really have a plot. Nevertheless, for me it triumphs TSR and FMP! because compared to its peers, it's one of the best comedic animes out there, IMHO.
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Old 2008-11-04, 04:09   Link #87
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1: TSR = Character development of sousuke and chidori was absolutely priceless. To see sousuke throw an emotional fit as he did and pursue what he believed in and not just follow orders was heartmoving.
That hair cutting scene = incredibly touching.
The car chase scene with melissa and blonde guy (in about ep 5) - awesome
TSR put in elements of fumoffu and the first series in a compact 13 ep run, it remains to be the best for me <3

2: Fumoffu (the first exposure to FMP for me, so naturally a classic)

3: 1st series: Not a major fan of mecha and seeing as i viewed fumofuu first, it raised my expectations for something light, so i struggled to finish it sadly, although it was a good series.

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Old 2008-11-11, 23:27   Link #88
Fumoffu X3
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My personal favorite was TSR. I liked the animation of it better then the other two seasons, and the feeling of it is much deeper.

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