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Old 2004-05-09, 02:11   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Umm.. Is this any good?

Well, I've been wonderin' over this for quite a while but I still don't really have a clue, so I guess i'll need you guys to decide for me.. *If it's not against the rules for some odd reason*

I'm quite a new to the whole Anime thing so I don't have much experience, (6-7 months..) and haven't seen a whole lot of series. But i was wondering, after reading a couple chapters of Hikaru No Go, should i watch the anime? I found the Manga to be great and am currently still readin'... (I'm a bit slow..)
Would you guys think that the anime would be a good thing to watch? Or will it go too fast and spoil the manga or ..etc etc.

Also i'm looking into the Love Hina anime series as well. I have a tiny clue to what it's about and i'm always looking for a great/first Drama Series. I found the I''s Manga to be great, what about Love Hina? >.<;; I'm in a rut..

Or am i looking in the wrong direction? Please advice! advice!!
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Old 2004-05-09, 02:29   Link #2
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Hikaru No Go and Love Hina are both a great series. I never read any of the mangas, so I cant compare it to them, nonetheless they're a must watch.
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Old 2004-05-09, 05:42   Link #3
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About Love Hina : here's a thread that explains what it is about
Love Hina isn't really a drama anime, it's an ecchi / comedy / romance anime and it is licensed so you'd have to buy it.

If you wan't a drama anime take Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien which is still unlicensed.
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Old 2004-05-09, 16:38   Link #4
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Don't worry, I'm only looking for stuff that are mostly licensed or the series have already finished... ^-^;;
DLing takes a lot outta my comp.

I guess Love Hina sounds good... Read a lotta reviews about it, seems to base on comedy, which is always nice.. thx for all your replies. I think i might look into the DBGT series as well. I found the DB,DBZ Chinese Manga to be great when i was young...
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Old 2004-05-13, 02:13   Link #5
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Hikaru no Go is a very well done counterpart to the manga and worth the watch. I started watching the anime first, finished it and then decided to read the manga to fill in the gaps/expand the story, and that worked out really well, since the manga is great.
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Old 2004-05-13, 03:07   Link #6
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Here you can get lots of opinions about Naruto.
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