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Old 2008-10-24, 11:04   Link #1
cho~ kakkoii
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: 3rd Planet
Kannagi - Favorite Quotes Thread

A thread for your favorite quotes from Kannagi. Please don't type out the entire script from an episode quote your favourite part of any scene or episode.

This thread will most likely contain spoilers! If you are posting a quote from a recent episode then please use spoiler tags. (hint and make sure that you include a title for the spoiler!).
Kudara nai na! Sig by TheEroKing.
Calling on all Naruto fans, One Piece fans, and Shounen-fans in general... I got two words for you: One-Punch Man!
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Old 2008-10-24, 11:25   Link #2
Ah! Pretty Shining Love!
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Australia
Spoiler for Episode 1, abridged version:

Spoiler for Episode 2:

Spoiler for Episode 3:
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Old 2008-10-25, 03:48   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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" jinnnnnnnnn kunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!" kabooom!!!!!!!! Crashhhhhhh!!!!!!
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Old 2008-10-25, 12:40   Link #4
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Australia
Spoiler for Ep2:
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Old 2008-10-25, 12:52   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
"Nice pun!"

"If this world is a manga, you'll be the main character" <---this one really makes me laugh since it's really a manga
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Old 2008-10-26, 08:35   Link #6
Miko Miko
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: England
Age: 24
Spoiler for Jin:


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Old 2008-10-27, 07:32   Link #7
Join Date: Jul 2006
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You Boobian!
Go back to Planet Tits!"
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Old 2008-10-28, 21:13   Link #8
Power of 9 SoShi-ist
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: USA
LOL! Those three are awesome!

And for some reason, I love Takako's coined term, too-pure-pure-boy!
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Old 2008-10-28, 22:10   Link #9
Twilight Breaker
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: SF, California
Age: 28
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Mendou dakara men dou da?

Pure gold.

I freakin' love the puns.
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Old 2008-10-29, 01:53   Link #10
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Age: 60
Aye, the gods always love a good pun....
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Old 2008-10-29, 15:09   Link #11
Join Date: Jun 2006
Originally Posted by "QBnoYouko'
Mendou dakara men dou da?

Pure gold.

I freakin' love the puns.
And followed up immediately with another pun:

Sore wa umai, umai koto!

This is brilliant stuff.
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Old 2008-12-10, 10:52   Link #12
The Multicultural Kid
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Age: 25
Episode 1
Jin: "so gods use the bathroom too. . ."
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