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Old 2008-01-16, 01:38   Link #201
Tiamat's Disciple
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*sighs* well that sucks. Could be fun to buy the light novels anyway. I keep telling myself im going to learn japanese, this could be a good start lol
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Old 2008-01-16, 05:18   Link #202
I have enough, I'm gone.
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Re-visiting this thread and after reading Musashiken's games spoilers, this series seems to have much more potential than the anime showed. If they would make a pre-qual and animate all the game spoiler, it should be a great series.
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Old 2008-01-17, 06:25   Link #203
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Wow, an answer ^^ thank you so much, musashiken!

In the meanwhile I also gathered more knowledge, having played white - first emotion now and translated it through the horrible babelfish XD But then again, you confirmed some things for me that I just assumed.

I think the purple goddess is called Rishurihtinka (they call her Rishurih all the time), at least that's what the Katakana say.

Wow, so I really got it right that Snow is somehow the white goddess now XD

About Eryutoron (Did you know his full name is Lionel Flamel Eryutoron? But that he hated his first names because Corti always called him that way?)... He seems to own an instrument called 'scarlet lease' (that's what babelfish says, anyway), an harpsichord and is also a person called 'Flame Emperor'. He did gave his name Lionel away, lost a lot of powers, then made a contract with Dante to regain more powers again. He also broke with Corti somehow (for reasons unknown to me) and then again, he is the main antagonist of the white-games (although he really appears in Endless Aria in person). I really think he's a very interesting character. Unluckily most of this knowledge is from the japanese wikipedia translated again through babelfish, so I might got something wrong. (oh, and he is also the arch enemy of Blanka, by the way).

Unluckily I stopped studying Japanese and forgot most of my lessons back then, so I am not understanding anything of the novels (I only have the crimson ones and the short stories, though). Concerning the games, I am really into white at the moment, though I really yearn to play Crimson from the scratch, because I think the story is great too. I own Black too, but unluckily the program which takes the Kanji and Kana out isn't working with it so I have no chance of translating and thus, understanding.

I liked the anime, it got me into all the Polyphonica things, but now, compared to the games and all the background, it is horribly thin (and I am not talking about the bad animation and stuff)... I'd rather would have liked something like the games in storyline or else..

So... if you know more, I am always glad to gain more knowledge XDD

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Old 2008-11-06, 23:23   Link #204
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Dragging up an old one, I know. But I recently stumbled upon some of the game artwork of Corti and I'm completely captivated by her on character design alone.

I've watched up to episode 4 of the anime, and while the quality is mediocre, I'm forcing myself to like it just because of my infatuation with Corti. Actually, I was fairly drawn in with episode 4 and the reunion between Phoron and Corti. I'm a sucker for when music becomes a link to reestablishing old bonds. The seen in episode 2 of Myself;Yourself, where Sana plays the piece of music Nanaka had played before she left, while she listened in hiding, had me in tears.

Anyhow, just wondering if the demo/insani patch is still available. I did a google search for it and found a link, but I'm getting a 'failed to connect' error. It says it's a valid site, just not available. Anyone know if it's still around?
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Old 2008-11-07, 05:54   Link #205
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Ah... never mind. The insani site is still there. Must have been temp situation.
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Old 2010-08-01, 19:26   Link #206
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the LN ( or is it manga) not online right? i've been looking for it for a while now, can anyone help me where can i buy it?
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Old 2010-08-04, 00:25   Link #207
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Originally Posted by RinxArcher View Post
the LN ( or is it manga) not online right? i've been looking for it for a while now, can anyone help me where can i buy it?
The original source material for the franchise is a series of kinetic novels (which is to say, novels that run on your PC and include illustrations, voice-acting and music). The most recent release (this past December) was Polyphonica After School, which was sold in a Perfect Edition that included the first four chapters as well. Of course, the games are only available in Japanese, and unfortunately Amazon JP doesn't ship games overseas directly. But if you really want to collect the Japanese PC games, Polyphonica After School Perfect Edition is the version to get since it includes it all.

The game was also adapted (and expanded) into a long series of light novels (I think there are at least 8 of the original series, plus 6 for Crimson S), that are also only available in Japanese. You can find them on Amazon JP and anywhere else Japanese books are sold.

Finally, there is a Polyphonica manga as well, and that's actually the only thing (other than the anime) that has been partially translated into English officially. You can find the first volume of the manga on Amazon and elsewhere, but the bad news is that the company releasing it left the manga business just around the time this book was released, so right now I don't think there are any plans for anyone to publish any further volumes.

So anyway, that's the (sorry?) state of the franchise as far as the source material and other adaptations are concerned.
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Old 2012-03-14, 01:54   Link #208
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are the novels going to be released in english cause i watched the anime and it seems like it could be interesting so yea
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