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Old 2008-11-13, 10:23   Link #21
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I have a feeling gamers would have plenty of Zombie Rape Jokes on the poor female survivor Zoey by the time this game hits full retail.

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Old 2008-11-19, 03:41   Link #22
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Got it yesterday and started the campaign. It's challenging and fun, multiplied by the teamwork needed to get through the missions. Expert mode is a blast though my team of friends are currently stuck at the hospital top floor. Bloody tank mows us down each time since we always reach there with ammo near depleted and precious little health.

Being Infected in versus is quite a challenge too. Setting up ambushes take intricate efforts and I daresay it's more difficult to play as the Infected since the team is inherently split up. Still, the satisfaction of triggering horde after horde with a Boomer or dragging a survivor towards the witch with a smoker is unbeatable.

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