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Shadow Kira01
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Sacred Blaze (Flight-Plan)

Flight-Plan, the same company behind the Summon Night series and also the latest Shining Force game, "Shining Force Feather" will be releasing a new PS2 game under the title "Sacred Blaze" on February 19 of next year.

According to the promotional site, there will be three different sides to choose from: Law, Chaos, and Neutral. The idea seems to greatly resemble the old Shin Megami Tensei games. In the Megaten games though, the Law's side will battle the demons, the Chaos' side will battle the Gods, while the Neutral side battles both.

Considering that the Summon Night series for the PS2 was never localized, yet the DS version got one localization, there may be a chance. As for the JP release, Koshimizu Ami will be voicing the female lead of the Chaos-Side. Cool!!
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