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Old 2004-05-12, 17:00   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel
the only probem I have with the idea of releasing the *.srt or *.ssa files of anything that's available as a raw (going back to the original request) is that it's then very easy for someone else to just add permenant subs to a movie file with any editing software - after stripping out the groups credits and more importantly the "Free fansub - If you bought this you were ripped off" notices, burn and then eBay it
Scriptclub is a reputable collection of timed script files that are only available to members who sign up. So by submitting a file to them, its at least *partially* protected from piracy.

As everyone said, I wouldn't worry about people "stealing" scripts. People rip fansubs and sell them on ebay all the time. There are other tell-tale signs of bootlegs that people can pick up on, such as the existence of Chinese language, the DVD being too cheap, too many episodes on a disc, etc. AnimeonDVD has a list of all legit R2 and R3 DVDs that have English subtitles, which is one good way to tell a pirate. People can find out if what they see is a pirated copy or not. I don't think its the existence of .srt files that are the root of the problem.

It would be a really cool service to provide timed scripts for those people who own/want the DVDs. If anything, the group would be helping R2 sales not hurting it. I think this unnamed group should make one if they have the time. You could add to the start a new trend!
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Old 2004-05-18, 05:27   Link #22
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interestingly enough, dave found a fansubbed version (supposedly) in irc.. he is waiting in the queue to snag it as we speak, so i'll let you know if it is in fact subbed. the group responsible is "GB"
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