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Old 2008-11-25, 15:43   Link #1
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Tales of... "saga": a good one?

these questions may seem stupid, but I'm rly lookng for a good, complete and justified answer for it ^^

Is this Tales Of.. "saga" any good?
Can you compare it to another anime you've seen in terms of genre and quality?

I've heard a bit about it, and I'm even borrowing that from a friend here in a few days/weeks, but I'm not sure of what to excpect. Plus, I have plenty of anime downloading, and series that I'm yet to finish seing, and I'm not sure if I should give this series priority ^^

thx for the help in advance
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Old 2008-11-25, 19:11   Link #2
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You can't group them all together and ask if they're all good. In my opinion, they should all be considered separate and with nothing in relation to each other aside from the facts that they're all based on games by Namco and generally have the same genre.
First off, there's no continuity with the storylines; each storyline is standalone and has no relation to each other [Probably with the exception of Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia, but I wouldn't know.]. Also, the animation studios are different: Tales of Eternia was done by XEBEC, Tales of Phantasia was done by Actus, Tales of Symphonia was done by ufotable, and Tales of the Abyss was done by Sunrise.

I personally think that the Tales of Symphonia OVA lacks in plot development and such, but probably because I'm looking at it from a perspective of someone who has played the game and because it's 4 episodes long as of now. I can't give a good opinion on this one, since I've played the game, so you can't take my word for it.

Tales of the Abyss is a good choice, in my opinion, since it's a TV series, which means it has time [Some would say not enough time, but...] to develop the plot and the characters. The animation and art quality aren't bad. I'm not good with genre comparisons, so I can't say anything about that. I'd say to give this one a try.

I haven't seen Tales of Eternia or Tales of Phantasia, so....
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Old 2008-11-26, 15:20   Link #3
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Age: 27
Yeh, my friend is borrowing me Tales of the Abyss, today I found out that he only has that one.

You said "You can't group them all together and ask if they're all good.". Well.. i dont know the series so I had no idea lol, I actually thought they were connected but thanx for the intel. ^^

I think I'm gonna give Tales of the Abyss a try. I'm almost done with Macross Zero (only 5 eps so) and Mnemosyne and next is Paranoia agent (13 eps). Tales of the Abyss or World Destruction will be the next step.

You just earned yourself some rep.

_ EDit_

Now, about Tales of the Abyss, whats it about? And is it more comedy or action oriented? or both?

thx in advance
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Old 2008-11-26, 17:10   Link #4
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So far I can't say I've even really smiled on Tales of Abyss... Except with Jade's BRILLIANT sarcastic comments. I didn't even remember how childish and annoying Luke was as I started watching this anime and it really doesn't make you laugh ;.;.

But yea I guess it's Adventure/Action anime.. .Though so far the ' Action ' part has been at it's minimum, and all battle scenes where some huge monster/other thingy appears, they kill it in like 1 second with some super hyper attack so they're not even enjoyable :/.

But hey, give it atleast a try. It might look better for a person who hasn't played the game than to those who have.
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Old 2008-11-28, 00:04   Link #5
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I usually skip around and just watch specific scenes that I liked from the games. They are really interesting if you have actually played their respective games. My least favorite was the Tales of Symphonia animation because I had never played that one before. I found it kind of confusing.
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