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Old 2004-05-15, 19:55   Link #41
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Well I played this game and I got my Cless and Mint to lvl 99 and lvl 98, the others where like 80-95. I didn't use any cheat or codes, I just went through the dungeon, the big one you know(Like 50 lvl or more) I went down 1 time to the lovest lvl got to lvl 95 there with Cless. Last boss didn't have a chance.
I loved this game to, everything is perfect here.
Well I finnished the game not long ago, and I do have a "Saint Reaper" pretty rare weapon for soem guys, but I did found 12 of them sometime during the start.
Dunno how but it was good. Not to brag more about my invincble characters, but I had 9999hp and 999mp with Cless at lvl 65. Well I found those hp and mp booster stuff from time to time. 12 of them at time. No cheat nor codes.

Some guys/girls mentioned a game called Soul Blazer, well I finnished this game to. With pretty good stats, but it got deleted when I re-installed windows.
But no one mention a game called Terranigma this is really good, like Soul Blazer but much better. I think no one mentioned it.
Another one is Star Ocean. Snes version.
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Old 2004-05-16, 09:47   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Fighter Volk
How many of you have played this amazing RPG for the SNES? It was remade for Playstation, but it was a slightly different version. Anyway, I think this is one of the greatest of the golden age of RPGs, up there with FFVI and Chrono Trigger -- it would have been huge if it had hit the US during that period.

Dhaos, Cless, Chester, Arche, Klarth, Mint... really good stuff.
Yes, but the character sprites looked ridiculous on the map and the fight scenes drove me nuts! If only they'd make it without the random fights...Star Ocean 1 was much better.

...Tales of Phantasia 2 (PSX) was actually unrelated!
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Old 2004-05-19, 02:19   Link #43
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Location: Cali
I'll agree about the battle system, it was just odd. For the most part I controlled Cless and he'd whoop everyone while my partie members randomly did stuff on their own.

I didn't really know how to control the other guys, (no manual), and when I did find out that you can, as I was fumbling through the pain of switching characters and setting up their L and S attacks, my other members were getting the whoop put on them. It just took too long. It really stopped me from completing this otherwise sweet game.
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Old 2004-08-05, 19:44   Link #44
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Originally Posted by mah_damey
... ur like one of the very few to think that the battle system was boring.. maybe u werent playing it rite...or something.. it takes the cake over any turn based game
Most of the people I know that have played this game, also thought the greatest low-down were the battle system. Sure, it was creative and dynamic, and really something new. I guess this has a lot to do with what kind of type you are as well. I am the strategic type; I like to think ahead of the enemies and use beneficial stragies to conquer my enemies. Maybe you like the more fast, adventurous system? I'm not saying this is wrong at all, maybe we are just different types. < ^o^ >
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Old 2004-08-06, 17:42   Link #45
The Timon
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I didn't like ToP's battle system either, but I guess it was a step in the right direction in the end since ToS's fights are great.
The frequency of random battles drove me nuts too, and some parts of the story seemed pretty bad.
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Old 2004-08-07, 07:45   Link #46
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Join Date: Aug 2004
ToP ... aaahhh memories .... I had it (I mean, I got the ROMs ^^) with FF 3, and I liked both .... ToP was great with its battle system ... FF3 was good with its storyline ... there were Seiken Densetsu 3 too .... oh, and Star Ocean, Terranigma, Live-a-Live, ..... argh, too much, can't remember every SNES games I've played and loved ....
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Old 2004-08-10, 15:30   Link #47
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Location: With My Hime Natsuki-sama
TOP rocks! but to bad I didn't get the chance to play it T.T

Now looking forward to TOS and the new title~
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Old 2004-09-03, 00:47   Link #48
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Space
loved it

I hope this thread is still active.

TOP rocked severely. Definately the best RPG I have ever played. I really liked the battle system because it makes sence. The way characters are spaced and such makes it more of a "casters are support units" type deal. Which I thought was good. That way Cless can go and rock while the other get targeted if he can't protect them, or there's some other long range attacker.

Of course things improved with the 3d battles of Symphonia, and I know Star Ocean had that 3d system around the same time as TOP had its. TOP was just made better. The pastels set a good RPG-ish mood, that and the story reigned supreme.
Seriously, how amazing was the progression of that game?

TOD and TOE were both cool and improved a lot on the battle system, of course they both lacked storywise... Then TOS comes out and has a sweet story and an amazing battle system, go figure. I had to beat it in 3 good... I think TOP took me months...

I just can't wait till the Tales of Phantasia OAV hits the public....
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Old 2004-09-08, 18:16   Link #49
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Location: houston, tx
ToP is the Second best RPG ever. Chrono Trigger is number one.
ToP lasted me a long time, like, 65 hours. All characters were 99. It was the first game i ever did that with. Man.. they dont make quality games like the SNES rpgs anymore..
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Old 2004-09-10, 10:27   Link #50
Monkeykyou Sharingan
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I got Stuck when trying to fix airship in that damn cave, but very fun that they had "rune potion" convert items into stronger/opposite type of item,
still remember first time i played it, i used up all my 5% hp/mp/str/agility
then i played it over again and noticed you could make them 2x better
and i loved the combat system, hated it in the beginning, but was it just me or did the Combo techs really really really really suck?
except for Natures rage or whatever they called it.
But i will always carry 1 memory through my life it's 2 words from the game
"indignation" and "first aid"
someone know a good walkthrough? muaha
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Old 2004-09-10, 19:07   Link #51
Inactive ex-WoW addict
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Originally Posted by Fei-san
But i will always carry 1 memory through my life it's 2 words from the game
"indignation" and "first aid"
The thing I'll always remember is Arche's... shouting on the boat when she was drunk (though Klarth's "I bet Arche fucks like a tiger" is a good number 2). Nintendo console games aren't exactly famous for their mature content, so I was pretty surprised by it. Maybe it was a bit of a liberal translation, but still...
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Old 2014-01-24, 05:54   Link #52
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
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After ten years, this thread is back with this great news.

"Tales of Phantasia" Hits iOS For Free

Of course, there's a catch"

The company is also making it a point to emphasize that the game is complete, with no in-app purchases required for the main quest or side quests. Outside of that, Namco also threw in optional in-app purchases for game items, including checkpoints that let you pick up where you left off in case your party dies, as well as the typical stat boosts. The game also features voiceovers and animation for both battles and interstitial events in the game, which also explains why its ~430MB. This is essentially the Full Voice Edition being released on US iTunes.

However, having the full game available for free does come with a catch, as it requires an active internet connection everytime you want to sit down and play,
But still! Free Tales of Phantasia!
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Old 2014-01-24, 07:25   Link #53
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That's... quite the catch for no particular reason.

Also, wow, apparently I won't be able to even play it since I use an iTouch 4, and for the iTouch you need a 5 to play it. How asinine.

Last edited by GDB; 2014-01-24 at 07:51.
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Old 2014-01-24, 15:18   Link #54
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Wait, so you have to pay to save your game? That's....a big catch.
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Old 2014-01-24, 15:22   Link #55
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As a Phantasia fan, this is pretty sad....
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Old 2014-01-24, 15:40   Link #56
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Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post
Wait, so you have to pay to save your game? That's....a big catch.
Having not played the game, I guess there were save points within dungeon and such rather than just in towns. The town ones are still free, but all other save points seem to be pay only now.

So not really that bad.
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