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Old 2008-06-25, 16:31   Link #61
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Originally Posted by skyfirefly View Post
but i whats with the demon shadow? O.O
yes,he drank ichiru's blood but did he fall
to level E?
man i really need chapter 41 >_<
Yeah same here ;_;
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Old 2008-06-25, 19:01   Link #62
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Spoiler for 41:
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Old 2008-11-11, 17:05   Link #63
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I would like to ask... how far in english verions are you guys at~~? 41?? In chinese or japanese i had till 44 already... so any question you can ask me bout it...~!!

Spoiler for 44:

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Old 2008-11-15, 11:12   Link #64
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Spoiler for lol:

Found this hilarious. And right now I'm on Vampire Knight Vol.09 Ch.044.5: extra
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Old 2008-11-30, 04:13   Link #65
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I just have this really bizarre theory about how Kaname was brought back. Could it be possible that he was reborn and not just resurrected in Yuukiís brotherís body. I mean could it be possible that he was really born from Juuri? That to bring back an ancestor ,one needs a compatible supporting vessel to give it life aka a direct descendantís purebloodís womb(Juuriís) from which a Kuran ancestor can be reborn. Because presumably all living things came from motherís womb who can give it life. This is just a theory but I mean could it be possible that that Juuri was indeed pregnant with their first born,but while inside the womb, Rido stole that childís lifeforce by some ritual or magic known only to powerful pureblood and implanted Kaname's soul in Juuri womb in place of their previous child and have Kaname be reborn in his own body from the genes of his descendants(Haruka and Juuri). Because it seems that Juuri and Haruka treated him as if he is really their own child, as if they really raised him from infancy. And also in this .Kaname said that he will give Rido what he wants, The strongest Kuran blood which could only be possible if he is in his body. And in this page Haruka said that Kaname probably didínt get the straightforward gene from him. That statement seemed to imply that Haruka contributed to Kaname's genes , it's just that he did'nt get that straightforward gene from him,from Juuri maybe, making him sounds like parent fondly joking about of his son's shortcoming with his wife . I dont really know if my statement make sense to anyone, but it just pops into me while rereading VK though I could have missed something.
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Old 2008-12-02, 09:50   Link #66
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Rido took haruka and Juri first child and put the soul of the ancestor kaname into the childs body. Its not known the exact age the child was, but it was before the age of 7. Kaname was also suppose to be the strongest of the kuran ancestors, but rido has also bound his powers. The very simple fact that kaname was able to obliterate rido 10 years ago ~is a testiomony to his strength. The irony is that kaname did not know that Juri and Haruka knew who he really was until they died. They loved him till the end and thought of him as their son inspite of his soul. When rido dies kaname will get his powers back. Right now yuki is unaware of this. One fact is known and that is ~ kaname was not born as yuuki brother because he says it in both anime and manga. episode 7 and 8 and chapter 35 or 36. As to Rido's ressurection he just needs the blood of a kuran pureblood If it could of been any kuran he could of just asked his son shiki to give it to him. He knew he wouldn't get it from kaname that is why he went after yuuki, but she had to be awakend first as either human or vampire didn't matter to him (rido). To spare yuki from Rido kaname did it himself~at this time kaname has the strongest kuran blood. The sad part is yuki has no idea who Rido is at this point. Kaname wasn't dead all those years just asleep. In episode 9 Rido says to juri that he took their child to bring to life his stongest slave (kaname). So, just speculation ~Perhaps he wouldn't of been able to control kaname in his original form/or something..I guess we'll have to wait and see

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