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Old 2008-12-16, 09:07   Link #41
books-eater youkai
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Originally Posted by ShimatheKat View Post
Still doesn't deny the fact that Jews believed in one God from the beginning!
At first , they were praying only one god, but didn't denied the existence of others god. It changed after the exodus of Babylon
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Old 2008-12-16, 09:55   Link #42
I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Would you make your own lifestyle take up less resources knowing that someone less fortunate than yourself might use them later on?
Which part of "selfish little bugger" didn't you understand?

On this whole "bigger perspective" thing, I see it this way: On the greatest scale, "good" is not good the way we perceive it, but simply the point of equilibrium.
So good is heat death. Got it.

From where we are, in our little dust speck, we cannot even hope to see the universe move towards equilibrium but we can observe our own world develop, our nations develop, the people around us learning and growing, and in short, everything that changes, obviously including life.
Which is largely irrelevant to the universe at large. That's the big picture.
t is known that life evolved through natural selection for billions of years, and finally we have human beings, who have only started to develop our present culture about 10000 years ago. When this happened, natural selection "ended" as we entered a phase where creatures (humans) could think in the abstract, reflect on events, and learn to make conscious changes. So now we have our current society and numbers through our own intelligence, not the natural selection Darwin spoke of.
We've just added a cultural component to the genetic side of natural selection. As Darwin didn't speak of the means of evolution, and genes are an idea that came later, that's irrelevant.

In fact, we have not really escaped natural selection, only one aspect of it.
We haven't escaped anything.

The universe has its laws, which, in the end, all humans must follow whether they like it or not. This is like a reaction coming to equilibrium, where the “Darwinian natural selection on Earth” component of the reaction has been finished and brought the reaction closer to equilibrium. In this case, it is the whole universe, starting with the Big Bang (and maybe even before that), that is the reaction. Humans are just part of this.

People are the only creatures on our planet who have gotten to this stage I just described. As we see, the animals that used to be really powerful (like tigers and stuff) are now nothing compared to us, since we unified and created civilization.
Don't forget the cockroaches, which will outlive us all. (Seriously. Why are you even comparing us to tigers?)

But in order to keep up with the “universal reaction,” this is not enough.
People are intelligent, but they’ve also retained animalistic instincts that hinder us. Why are there bad and selfish people, if it’s obvious that our unity is what makes us strong and able to survive?
Because the game of natural selection isn't that simple you can encompass it with a phrase. Altruism is good... but so is greed. It all depends on circumstances. And scale. One man's greed may be good for the whole, for example, whereas widespread uncooperativeness wouldn't be.

Wise people know that the next step is to let go of our selfishness and do what is right (since doing the right thing basically means furthering our survival),
Whose survival? And how the hell can we tell what is "right"?

and some of these people had profound impacts on civilization, and people created religions in honor of their teachings and wisdom.
The origins of religions are lost in the mists of time. I doubt it was about love and compassion.

Unfortunately these were sabotaged by animalistic, greedy bastards over the ages, who added things into the belief system for their own benefit.
If you think people knew that much about what they were doing with regards to religion, you're pretty optimistic.

I think modern Christianity is a great example, Jesus was probably a great guy but the modern Church is so corrupt.
We don't know how Jesus was. Or, for that matter, how corrupt the church is.

What is the problem, then? It’s that people can’t see the consequences of their actions, don’t want to make plans for the future since it’s too hard. We, as a race, like nothing more than to procrastinate, until the very last second.
Animals, at most, worry about living through the winter. We worry about global warming, and we used to worry about the nuclear winter brought by a war that never even came.

In the “universal reaction”, this is not good enough.
The universe doesn't care.

We can’t rely on magical “solutions,” be they capitalism, communism, science, or religion, we need to follow ethics.
Goody. We've got a lot of those. You can hardly do a thing without following an ethic or six.
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Old 2008-12-16, 15:05   Link #43
♪♫ Maya Iincho ♩♬
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I don't know if i've ever heard such criticism against the human race and it's folly through out history within 5 and a half mins since this clip... lol ^^

Well... my thought is just live your life to it's fullest, altering your route through it where necessary.

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Old 2008-12-16, 22:55   Link #44
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I only have a few things to say.

1.It takes a lot of effort for us to try to change the world. It's not impossible, but it definetely isn't the easiest thing to do. And also, you cannot change the world in a day. But you can be a catalyst for change. Just don't try too hard at it.

2.I also think that sometimes, instead of trying to change thers, you might want to try changing yourself. Maybe that's the thing you need to change, at times?

3.Don't aim too far, it's not going to help. Remember the Kyoto Protocol? It's currently quite a failure. Emissions are on the rise, not on the fall. It was meant to "reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.2% compared to the year 1990". Anyome noticed that emissions increased between that and the 2005, when it came into force? This means we have to aim for a 29% cut now. Big dreams, unrealistic too.

4.It's not true that we are too small to make a difference, every religion tells you to make a difference in other's life (except maybe Shintoism, where it is really believed that life is transient and there's nothing you can really do). You CAN make a difference, but as I said, don't aim too far.

5.And a pseudo-political statement: the 5 greatest leaders [IMO] thus far are:
Winston Churchchill, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Sun Yat-sen and Jesus.
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