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Old 2004-05-22, 04:56   Link #1
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Smile when opened port, internet/msn/aim doesnt work

i have a router and there are three computers attached to it.
the download was really slow before opening the port, and i found out how to open it and opened 6881-6889 TCP. the downloads became fast, but internet/msn/AIM programs dont connect or sign on.

i use azureus and it works great . i downloaded lots of files, but all those time the internet was extremely slow and usually showed "page cannot be displayed"

even though azureus isnt downloading anything, and not taking up any bandwidth, everything else is slow or doesnt work.

the same problem for the other two computers without bitorrent as well.

but if i close the ports, the downloads become slow again, but internet/msn/AIM works fast and normally.

has anyone ever experienced this problem?
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Old 2004-05-22, 05:39   Link #2
Asuki-tan Kairin ↓
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No. Did you use port triggering? Maybe the performance of your router is very low (how old is your router?) -to map some more ports should not slow down a router, except those ports are triggered to route to one central access port (i.e. all ports point to port 80).
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