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Old 2009-01-01, 00:14   Link #1
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Question Wondering what anime i should watch...

Hey guys I'm just wondering what anime i should watch...
I've seen Elfen Lied and loved it, the romance and the violence in it, and near the ending i was the closest to crying in an anime that i've ever been before.

I recently finished DearS and absolutely loved it, finished FMA, loved it, Finished Naruto, I watch the episodes as soon as they come out for Shippuden (don't hate me!), and I am up to 150-ish of bleach , i kind of want one like DearS, but if it is too close it'll probably just feel like a tacky clone, won't it? i liked the humor in it and it was just a really good show, also wondering if there are other shows where they slowly get better with their skills eg. Bleach, Naruto, Zatchbell(i said it), etc.., i don't mind if its a bit sexual etc... thanks

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Old 2009-01-01, 00:55   Link #2
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For something similar to DearS try Chobits.

Superpowers and powerups

D. Gray-man
Soul Eater
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Old 2009-01-01, 01:59   Link #3
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hey im just wondering if you guys could not post lists, can you post reasons etc..
and chobits is too similar it feels like a clone and not as good.. i'll check out the others though
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Old 2009-01-01, 08:57   Link #4
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the ones Quancio are good starters, Gray-man simply has a good storyline, Soul Eater awesome humour, action and music (its Bones never doubt the Bones), Scryed was also a fun watch but a quick one

I'm not going to put exact watch reason on for every thing I list, this because there are many people making these kinds of requests I'd suggest reading the summaries of the show and decide for yourself whether or not it is worth to watch, cause what someone else likes might not be your own taste

Gurren Lagann, I would say Soul Eater took its style from this show it is also a power up anime, awesome animations great characters, music and story

Tsubasa Chronicle, from Clamp (normally I don't have to add more than that =P), The music is already a good factor to check out, isn't short in length and the storyline is awesome as well as the development in characters etc.

One Piece, probably the only long running show I can stand and can stand the fillers of (trust me Naruto and Bleach come in a trio, One Piece is like the third piece and top of the triangle) the humour is awesome, it has a power up build up in various arcs (still running btw current episode is 383 and no stopping), the beginning may seem a little crappy (that's what I thought) but bare with it because later on it gets really good and you'll be hooked

also just to make clear Dears was more of a clone of Chobbits, Chobbits was there first


Also adding Mai HiME, which was back then one of my favourite shows, it is echii but not too, very character driven, great music and ofc storyline
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Old 2009-01-01, 17:20   Link #5
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im watching gantz and thats pretty cool, and about dears/chobits - dears has aliens which make it better? i find that chobits is too centred/isolated around the two main characters...
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Old 2009-01-01, 20:29   Link #6
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Kenichi - Character starts off weak.. typical plot but very humorous, unique characters .. perverted ones.. very funnny.
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