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Old 2008-06-24, 19:00   Link #21
Blue flame
anime bores me lol
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i second ergo proxy..
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Old 2008-06-24, 23:22   Link #22
Somehow I found out
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As a rule of thumb, anything that TinyRedLeaf recommends is good.

I missed this thread first time round, and there have been a lot of really good recommendations, and I'll also raise Kaiji. Doesn't quite have the massive psychological aspect like SEL or Evangelion, but there's a healthy dollop of existentialism, philosophy and sociology, as well as a very gripping storyline. Among the best anime of the year so far.
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Old 2008-06-26, 11:08   Link #23
Phase Angle
Join Date: Apr 2008
I'll add Jigoku Shoujo/Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade - highly psychological, existential, and sociological.

EDIT: Oh, also Noein and NeA_7. (Especially the last one )
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Old 2008-06-26, 20:57   Link #24
Observer/Bookman wannabe
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Originally Posted by MuraKami View Post
I'll add Jigoku Shoujo/Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade - highly psychological, existential, and sociological.

EDIT: Oh, also Noein and NeA_7. (Especially the last one )
The JS series can get a little boring. Read the summaries and decide which episodes you want to watch. I know I didn't sit through the entire Futakomori.
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Old 2008-06-27, 14:04   Link #25
Phase Angle
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Originally Posted by yezhanquan View Post
The JS series can get a little boring. Read the summaries and decide which episodes you want to watch. I know I didn't sit through the entire Futakomori.
Ngh, I wouldn't recommend such approach, especially for JS Futakomori.

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Old 2008-06-29, 03:17   Link #26
singing heartbreak
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Try Sci-Fi Harry good series imo.
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Old 2008-08-16, 09:05   Link #27
Style Über Alles
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lawl. higurashi is about as philosophical as my grandmother and her theories of childbirth.

simoun is one of the few works that manages a sublime yet substantial engagement with a series of sociological themes.
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Old 2008-08-16, 14:48   Link #28
Clandestine Otaku
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Welcome to the NHK
Serial Experiments Lain
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Ghost in the Shell
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Old 2008-08-18, 11:34   Link #29
Last Sinner
Don't Call Me Bro
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Nearly anything I'd approve has been mentioned here already. Satoshi Kon pieces, Lain, Renmei, Welcome to the NHK, Elfen Lied, Simoun, Noein, Mushishi, Ergo Proxy.

I'm pleased to see some people realise there is a strong moral core to Elfen Lied and what it's really about.

However, comparing Ergo Proxy to Evangelion? That's like comparing oranges with apples. Evangelion was just the ranting of a stoned, mentally disturbed guy who had been dumped by his terminally ill girlfriend. Sometimes tangible but sometimes so inocherent and clearly done on a whim from a complete loss of a budget with 8 episodes to go. Ergo Proxy, while a bit slow early and having not such an appealing male lead, explores modern life and almost every aspect of it with sharp wit and black humour. Re-l was quite an intriguing female. The evolution of her from a spoiled brat to a better person is quite tantalising. And Pino is just hilarious, yet also provides some food for thought with her antics. I wouldn't classify Ergo Proxy as sci-fi. More like a tyrannical setting like Brave New World with an apocalyptic scenario.

Three that haven't been mentioned that I would toss up are:

FLCL - As random and chaotic as it sometimes is, there is a clear, beautiful message within. A brilliant 'coming of age' tale and some worthy life lessons. Haruko is just such a hilarious chick and Naota is the teen you once were. Easily Gainax's best work. Never fails to entertain me no matter how many times I watch it. The soundtrack by The Pillows is the perfect unison to this series.

Someday's Dreamers - This series is such a heartwarmer. Never tries to be lavish or over the top. Presents life as it is but adds a little magic. Yume, a cute, kind yet naive young female mage, learns through a series of highs and lows, how to not just use her powers, but how to become an adult. And along the way, she ends up teaching those around her a few things as well. If you like slice of life series with good messages, this is a must.

Last Exile - Some people will think I'm crazy for even daring to mention this. But there is a lot in this. War, social status, morality, raison d'etre, human relationships just for a few. I could go on for ages about this. But if there is one series that blew me away when I started watching anime 5 years ago, still does today and is the only series I would give a 10 to, this is it. The strongest cast of characters I've ever seen, two insanely gorgeous orchestral OSTs, a magical mix of steam punk styles, Range Murata's beautiful drawing style. Gonzo seem to mess up a lot of series, but when they get it right, they get it right.
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Old 2009-01-03, 08:57   Link #30
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Thought I'd resurrect the thread because....well, just cause I could.

So life being the evil thing that it is got in the way of actually viewing much at all. So I have, at this stage, only had a chance to view Elfen Lied, Gunslinger Girl and Higurashi.

Elfen Lied I adored. Was very unique, and had one of the best anti-hero's I've seen for a while, even though the moe-blob alternate made me a little crazy.

Gunslinger Girl had such an understated element to it, and each of the girls seperate neuroses were examined in such wonderful detail.

Higurashi I didn't care for. I just couldn't become absorbed by the characters at all. Maybe I'll try again.

And P.S Deus ex Digital Boy, not a dude

I still have Lain and Bebop sitting on my hard drive. Are there any recent series just out with any promise?
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Old 2009-01-03, 19:14   Link #31
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I watch monster now. Its freaking good! Try it!
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Old 2009-01-04, 13:35   Link #32
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Location: San Diego
Fewer recent series come to mind, but you might be interested in Masaaki Yuasa's Kaiba (I haven't watched it myself, but the description claiming to explore the existence and corporeality of memories was more than enough to interest me). Another would be Natsume Yuujinchou, the most recent in a line of excellent titles from Brains-Base. It carries a soothing Aria-esque atmosphere as it tells various short stories of humans interacting with spirits while exploring the loneliness of the main character Natsume.
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Old 2009-01-04, 14:33   Link #33
Join Date: Dec 2005
Haibane Renmei - one of the few series I could genuinely clasify as art. Morality and existential issues are at the very heart of it. Tons of symbolism, too, I am not really into symbolism but nevertheless I think this is one of the best anime series ever.

Monster - themes about the nature of good and evil abound, plus a lot about child psychology. A must see if one wants a challenging anime which also has a very interesting plot, too. And by interesting I don't mean "Guess what just happened" mindscrew type of plot. Talking of mindscrew, you can try Kaiba from the more recently aired series, just be prepared to have no idea what's going on for a lot of its duration.
'The world we live in is always in darkness.'
'Yes, and that is why we seek light.'

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Old 2009-01-04, 18:26   Link #34
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And by interesting I don't mean "Guess what just happened" mindscrew type of plot.
I second this. There's no mindf*ck, where you have to do a huge amount of interpretation, just a lot of subtle dialogue, scenes, and flashbacks which are key. You should watch this.
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Old 2009-01-04, 21:06   Link #35
Shadow Kira01
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Probably already suggested:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: It is sort of like a love comedy at first impression but it turns out to be something of a different nature when some of the female characters become very suspicious.

Jigoku Shoujo: This is the most realistic version of Death Note with people who live troublesome lives and seek the help from the "Midnight Website" in exchange for their soul at the end of their lifespan as means of staking out vengeance on the bad guys using a rather dark method. Or perhaps, you can even call it dark justice!

Shigofumi: It is sort of like "slice of life" but this one lacks comedy or rather to say, it is much more realistic compared to Aria of the Origination.

Supposedly, the Star Ocean and Xenosaga ones should be relevant to religion and philosophy, but unfortunately.. That interesting parts from the game were removed and I guess you can almost say that it is impossible to relate these two animes to the topic here.
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Closed Thread

philosophy, psychological

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