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Closed Thread
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Old 2008-12-23, 21:08   Link #2221
aka Akatsuki
Join Date: Nov 2008
Group:Rocket Gang
Positions:Translators(Japanese to English),Timers, Karaoke Timer/Designer
Projects:Monster Farm
Upcoming Projects:contact Rocket Gang
IRC Contact: Akatsuki

We need great dedication. For other positions, please contact us.

Thank You
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Old 2008-12-24, 18:07   Link #2222
Join Date: Jun 2008
Group: AnimeYoshi
Position: Sanskrit -> English translator
Project: Ga-Rei:Zero DVDs
Email: irugga @
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Old 2008-12-26, 12:24   Link #2223
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Fansubbing Lady Georgie..

Hi guys,
This my first post in this great forum, I always was a just visitor who read Threads in this forum...
Anyway I don't if you know "Lady Georgie " anime, it's one of best classic romance anime in the 80's, almost similar to famous series "candy candy", and you can see the info in theis link AniDB page
I read the manga it was nice, but they say the anime is better than the manga
A group with name "night-vision" has started subbing it but it face some problem due to short of the translators

I 'm asking you to help them since my Japanese is suck..
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Old 2008-12-26, 22:21   Link #2224
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Position: ALL
Group: Jade-Fansubs
Project(s): Major S5, Ride Back, The Tale of Genji, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
IRC Channel:
Recruit IRC channel:
IRC Contact: Entidus

Hello, we're a new fansub group of Jade-Fansubs hoping to start a new fansubbing community. We're actively hiring all positions. Please contact Entidus on the irc channel, or e-mail Entidus personally by e-mailing

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Old 2008-12-27, 04:32   Link #2225
~Buri Buri!~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Group: Kureyon Alliance
Positions: J->E Translator(s); Translation Checker(s); Quality Checker; AFX Typesetter (for moving signs); Karaoke Translation/Effects; Distr.; RAW provider(s)
Project: Kureyon Shin-Chan (action movies, not the episodes)
Contact: IRC Channel; (WLM or e-mail)

We are looking for a serious translator (also for the other positions), that can translate in a reasonable time those movies. They are the length of about 4 normal anime episodes (of 23 minutes), and the staff aren't required to work on all the movies.

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Old 2008-12-28, 18:46   Link #2226
Kanjisub ******
Join Date: Feb 2006

- Need a editor for review and section of main site and forum mods. We start a contest and we need ppl that value the review

- Need aEDITOR for SPT Layzner

- Need aHelp with irc distro (xdcc, fserv)

contact me here, or on our forum, or in

You can use the form on too

We need a Editor!
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Old 2008-12-29, 16:54   Link #2227
Ichi nuketa...
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: The Netherlands
Send a message via AIM to Ryunichi
Position(s): Translators(JP->EN), Translation Checkers(JP->EN), skilled Editors, and other positions if skilled
Group: Hitode-Fansubs
- Initial D Extra Stage 2,
- Toradora,
- Hoshi no Umi no Amuri
- Chocolate Underground
- (Sky Crawlers Movie)
IRC Channel: #hitode, #hitode-recruit (please go to the latter)
IRC Contact: Usergonemad, Ryunichi, Madrat-
E-Mail: usergonemad A T gmail D0T com
We're no speedsubbers; quality is main priority. We're busy people, but you can always talk to us if you'd like to know more!
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Old 2008-12-29, 18:52   Link #2228
Sock Monster
Join Date: Oct 2008
[ Aero Subs // #aerosubs @ ]
Contact: Checkers / Exias ::
Positions: Editors / Timers / Typesetters. Of course, we're always looking for more TL/TLC as well.
Projects: Many.
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Old 2009-01-01, 15:23   Link #2229
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2009
Position: Raw provider/ts stream capper
Group: Saizen-Fansubs
Project: Hajime no Ippo New Challenger
IRC Channel:
Recruit IRC channel: saizen^
IRC Contacts: Sangofe or Muyg or ask for TAFKAS

We are in need of someone who can supply us with transport stream captures of Hajime no Ippo season 2 within 24 hours after release.

We're also always looking for translators.
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Old 2009-01-01, 16:04   Link #2230
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Frontier
Group: Nuke Fansubs
Positions Open: Quality Checker, Backup Timer, and Distro (Bots, BT seeds, DDL)
IRC Channel: and/or
Contact: Meltingice
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Old 2009-01-01, 19:43   Link #2231
Join Date: Nov 2007
Mizuiro formally SFS, Is looking for a QC and Distro for 33-39 release...we didnt have these so we had to delay our christmas release.
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Old 2009-01-01, 20:14   Link #2232
Join Date: Sep 2008

Group: Corona

Looking for: (As of Jan 21) Translator, timer, bot provider, and basically every other job too
Projects: TL's choice or: Pandora Hearts (Q2 '09); Shangri-La (Q2 '09); Shina Dark(Qx '09)

Looking for a translator to help with a project of their choice or one of the three shows above (Pandora Hearts or Shangri-La for April 09; Shina Dark for whenever it airs). You can work on one of the above shows and leave when it's done, or stay and help on shows after that too. Either is fine.

We're also recruiting all other positions as back-up or for a second project if we get a translator (we have enough staff for one project a season but would like to do two). Of these other positions, a timer and bot provider are the most urgent (relatively, mind you).

We can joint a show for Q2 '09 provided your group has a translator (we don't). All other positions are up for discussion.

You can contact us at any of the following ways. Please specify which position(s) you are interested in.
NOTE: All our current staff are in North America, so you may not get a response if you contact us during 'normal' times from Europe, Asia, etc. because of timezone differences.

Private message is fine too. If you're new to IRC (and you're willing to learn), we can help get you started. We can also communicate through MSN, but it's not preferred.

Last edited by Corona; 2009-01-20 at 22:23. Reason: verbosity is cool
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Old 2009-01-03, 15:45   Link #2233
Slower Than You
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Western Australia
Send a message via AIM to Emess Send a message via MSN to Emess Send a message via Yahoo to Emess
Ramen Subs is looking for another translator, preferably two. Our current translator is MIA with a new job, and has let a heap of projects fall behind. We're looking for someone to translate some Michiko to Hatching as well as a project I can inform about over IRC for this coming season. Staff are competent and usually quick, just the TL department is lacking. PM Emess or join #ramen-subs on rizon and ask an op for more info. You'll need to be competent in Japanese (no CN -> EN please) as well as english.

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Old 2009-01-03, 22:25   Link #2234
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Russia
Send a message via ICQ to hatsuyuki Send a message via AIM to hatsuyuki Send a message via Yahoo to hatsuyuki
Group: Hatsuyuki

Positions: J->E Translator(s); Translation Checker(s); Quality Checker; AFX Typesetter; Karaoke Translation/Effects; (All positions)

Project: The Tale of Genji, Asu no Yoichi!

Contact: email:


or contact to naruto_kun at our website

Last edited by xris; 2009-01-04 at 10:15. Reason: Please do not include licensed anime
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Old 2009-01-05, 09:22   Link #2235
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
AFX Karaoke Script Assistance

Before I fully retire from fansubbing, I would like to ask a few people to help me on a karaoke script that I long to complete.


pichu here, or

#afxkrk @

I am looking forward to hire the following:

1. JavaScript coders: You must be proficient in JavaScript using prototypes. (simplification of object-oriented programming)
2. UI Designers: You must have some experience in UI designs to make it as user-friendly as possible. Of course, you need to know JavaScript to use ScriptUI Panel Adobe JS API.
3. Documentation, Video Tutors, etc.
4. Beta testers, debuggers, and feedbacks: the more, the better, but only constructive criticisms.
Just Search for:
Adobe Bridge Scripting Guide for ScriptUI Panel documentation
Adobe After-Effects CS4 Scripting Guide for AFX CS4 Documentation (It's bundled with your Adobe After-Effects CS4) - CS3 guide is here.

They're easy to follow and they're free.

Spoiler for Description of the project ... blabla:

Private Message me as soon as possible before I lost my motivations quickly!

Last edited by pichu; 2009-01-05 at 10:05.
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Old 2009-01-05, 19:07   Link #2236
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Yokosuka, JP
Age: 37
you owe me work pichu~

anyways... My group is looking for help.

Group: FreelanceFansubs
IRC Contact: getfresh

Needed: Typesetters(textsub), Editors, QC/RCers, Web designers, Translators, Translation Checkers

You must use IRC. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We require experience in fansubbing for all positions except translators. For translators we require you have experience with either script writing, or translating in general. Translators who are not experienced in fansubbing will be trained as to how a script must be formatted and such, so no worries. Translation Checkers
do not apply to the same requirements as normal Translators. You must have fansub experience to be a TC and you must have a few years translation experience.

anyways, I'm high so thats all I feel like typing. I'll edit this shit later if I have more to add.

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Old 2009-01-08, 17:52   Link #2237
Needs more T-Pain
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Charlottesville, Va
Send a message via AIM to Dansickle
I'm looking for some more buds to join me in our escapade to add subtitles to Japanese cartoons. We're low key, have a good time, gay sex, etc. Essentially everything everyone is looking for online, especially that last part. Could really use a typesetter since the ones I know are the laziest people alive (cough getfresh, pichu, the list goes on), second only to our editor. Probably could use one of those, too.

Contact: ZK on
`ZK`_Dan "The Mouth of Reason"

Now Playing:
Goal Line Blitz, Starcraft (entering iCCup season 9)

(Largely) Retired:
DotA, Madden '09, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Melty Blood, CS1.6, CS:S, Diablo 2, Warcraft III, Guild Wars, DAoC, Warhammer Online, Left4Dead, TF2, Halo 1

Last edited by Dansickle; 2009-01-09 at 06:00.
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Old 2009-01-09, 12:34   Link #2238
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Minor Ja Nai

#Minor_Ja_Nai @

Is currently looking for Translator & Typesetter for the anime adaptation of Cross Game by Mitsuru Adachi coming this spring.

Please help us bring more Adachi fansub around the world \o/
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Old 2009-01-10, 07:16   Link #2239
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Position(s): Translator
Group: Yabai-Fansubs (AniDB) | Homepage
Project: To Love-Ru
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: jama

We are looking for a translator who can provide translations of To Love-Ru starting from episode 12. We are using AniYoshi's scripts for episode 1-11.

Last edited by jama; 2009-01-10 at 08:02.
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Old 2009-01-11, 08:56   Link #2240
For fans, by fans!
Join Date: Jan 2009
Send a message via MSN to [Kyuubi]Fansubs
Position(s): Japanese->English Translator, QC'ers

Group: [Kyuubi]Fansubs (AniDB) | Homepage

Project: We are willing to pick up nearly any project the translator wants to sub/suggests.


We are considering picking up a new project, havent decided what yet.
But we need a new translator, and will probably pick up what ever project he/she suggests/is willing to sub.

We also need a few QC'ers, 1-2 perhaps.

Dont hesitate, contact us!
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Closed Thread

help thread, recruitment, translator

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