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Old 2009-01-08, 00:42   Link #61
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We'll likely be getting a lot of Kitamura development in the next few episodes, so it could shed some light on what he really is like. Maybe make way for some "shining moments".
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Old 2009-01-08, 14:08   Link #62
King Lycan
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I really Hope so.. i really want to know if his relationship with Sumire is romantic or not .
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Old 2009-01-09, 11:06   Link #63
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Probably so. From the preview Kitamura goes nuts, and not even Ryuji or Taiga can drive him up the wall like that. He must have lost something precious. Hint hint.
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Old 2009-01-17, 08:00   Link #64
tokidoki er
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wow, there's so much speculations about the true motives of kitamura's actions here in this thread.. only now i understand why there's so much negative comments about him.

in my opinion, i see kitamura as another leader type student. in my highschool experience, i have some friends who are "student leaders" (that's what we call them) my bestfriend as vice-president, so i see kitamura in him. there were really times that we can't hang out because of school activities. he is also popular with the girls, but he doesn't mind them, (like what i see kitamura is doing). and also he is infatuated with a girl
Spoiler for spoiler warning:
and there was a time that he had a major personality problem because of that girl.. so you see.. it's natural to act like that since he is also a human. there are times when rational thought is obscurred because of tremendous depression. so i can't blame kitamura's actions, i know that what he is doing (episode15) is wrong, but that's just how things are.. in my experience, i cannot do anything but sympathize with my bestfriend during those times. until he was able to learn and accept reality..

i'll post what kitamura said in the novel which is really true for people who wants to move forward but can't. that's almost the same thing that i think in such situation. i'll wait if kitamura will say it in the anime before posting. ^^
ďto be unable to get everything one wants, isnít that life?"
with "time", the only thing that we can do is to move forward
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Old 2010-08-30, 03:21   Link #65
toradora aisakita
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for me Aisaka and Kitamura are a perfect couple. I think it was in episode 12 3/3 when Aisaka was sad cause Kitamura tasted some of her food but then Ryuuji ate some then she said, Kitamura's, Kitamura's kiss.......
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