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Originally Posted by Muir Woods
Anyways, I just bought this game today at Electronic Boutique for $49.99 (Canadian), $57.24 after taxes (damn 14.5% tax). Holy Macaroni ! There's 5! Count 'em, 5 CDs to install Farcry!
CD? I didn't even know Far Cry was released on CD. My review copy, and all the copies I've seen in the UK, are DVD only.

Iori - The game engine scales pretty well, so even down to a 1.0 or 1.2 Ghz system the game will still run, as long as you don't mind comprimising the graphics settings considerably. Even at lower settings, it's still an attractive game, though, pity it's quality is spoilt in several silly ways.

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Old 2004-05-28, 05:09   Link #22
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Originally Posted by jonli

I just bought this game...and i just spend lots of money to upgrade my PC to be able to play this baby on highest settings. It is really fun so far...and the whole game (i havent fixed my sound card so i duno anything about the story) seemed quite normal to me.....mutants? You mean this game is another one of those monster games like half-life?

PS: My computer would suddenly turn off by itself if i play Farcry for too long...anyone know what is going on?
Regarding the computer problem, I think there are two likely causes:

1.) Unstable power - your powersupply might not be giving enough juice to power all the components in y our computer, this is a very typical cause for computer rebooting by itself. Solution: Buy a power supply with more power output or unhook some devices from your computer eg: extra hard cd drive, USB devices etc.

2.) Overheat - your motherboard might have been set to shut off / reboot when the internal temperature of your computer goes up to a certain level. Solution: an extra case fan or two should do the trick.

Hope that helps
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