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Old 2004-05-25, 09:38   Link #1
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Split connection

Is there a program or something which allows a modem to evenly split the speed of the connection between computers? It would be nice if there is because i would like to download without my bro having a cry over me lagging him when his playing cs.(which stops my mass anime/manga downloads >.>)

i'm using ADSL 256/64 btw

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Old 2004-05-25, 09:53   Link #2
Asuki-tan Kairin ↓
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You cannot improve your PING with splitting downloads... if you want to have a good ping you need to have minimal traffic, and when you have such a ADSL connection Upload is the worst, because only little upload will raise pings dramatically. And don't forget every data packet you download produces an answer packet which tells the sender, that it was received... so medium download will result in little upload, full range download in significant upload (significant enough to raise pings).
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