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Old 2009-01-12, 14:21   Link #1
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X JAPAN: World Tour

This is a thread regarding X JAPAN's awaited world tour which has been postponed a fair few times due to Yoshiki, a hero of mine, and his medical status with regards to his arm, hernia of a intervertebral disc and tendonitis.

Paris has been confirmed in this world tour, as well as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, and news of New York. London is yet to be fully confirmed as it has not stated clearly what they are doing with regards to including London in their world tour. In a conference, Yoshiki explained that it was being deeply considered and that it is likely that it will be included..(one can dream, the dream being mine). But it was mentioned that London and Taiwan would be toured on October of this year.

Nonetheless, it has been allegedly confirmed that Paris, New York, and London will be included. If anyone is interested in this then feel free to state your thoughts.
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Old 2009-01-13, 06:37   Link #2
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I hope they confirm London, that way I can go down to see them. If for some reason they scrap London from the tour, then Paris is still a viable option.

Plane tickets are almost the same as train ones to London. It would be a nice short trip either way.
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Old 2009-01-13, 07:10   Link #3
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
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Hope they do come to New York. I can't wait to hear a whole lot of Americans screaming "Kurenai" at the same time when that song starts playing.
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Old 2009-01-13, 11:20   Link #4
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Age: 28
Yoshiki is an idol of mine. One of my biggest dreams is to meet him and therefore I hope that London will be on the visiting list. I did think about Paris being an option for me to travel to although London seems more realistic for me to be honest.
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