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Old 2009-01-11, 19:21   Link #1
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Hello, I'm very very new and I need help, please

I'm a 20 year old male, I don't have many friends, but I live with my best friend in a (really) small apartment on campus at the school I go to. During semesters, I take classes full time, and I work part-time day job and a part-time night job, to pay for the bills and food.

I'm not a very outgoing person, I am quiet and reserved. I don't have many hobbies, except for washing my car (which I love) and playing golf, and playing first person shooter video games.

Recently, I've started watching this series called 'Bleach'. At first I thought it was kind of 'kiddy', but I don't know, I guess I kind of got into it. I like the idea of a hero who isn't looking for fame or glory, but to protect his friends and the people he cares about..

Also, I watched 'Blue Submarine No. 6', and while the ending was kind of weird and really kiddy, I liked the beginning parts with all the action and fighting, and I really admired the hero. I sort of felt like I could relate to him.

So I guess I was wondering if there were any other really good animes out there with badass heroes who are just normal, regular guys. I like action and fighting, and... I guess I like the whole 'guy saves the girl' theme, too. Sorry if I'm not specific enough, like I said I'm new to this whole anime thing and I really don't know what I'm doing... Thanks for your time, animesuki.
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Old 2009-01-11, 20:11   Link #2
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I think some of these are what you're looking for. =)

Yu Yu Hakusho

Both of the main characters in Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho are teenage boys who find themselves thrown into the spirit world after committing selfless acts to save people around them. They also progress unusually fast when it comes to their skills and they become able to stand their ground against just about anyone. They story lines of both also progress fairly fast and immerse you in the story. Oh, and you can't forget the awesome action scenes in both that will hook you.

Ruroni Kenshin

This series is about swordplay and a villian, just like Bleach. The main character here isn't like Ichigo. He is calm with a touch of humor when he wants to show it and serious when he needs to be. Ichigo in some ways becomes serious when he needs to, which links these two together. Overall, this is an excellent anime that will catch your attention quickly!

Busou Renkin

Busou Renkin and Bleach have a great deal in common. The primary premise of both series is that a young man can do a great deal if he has enough determination and pain tolerance. In both series, the inexperienced but honorable boy comes upon what he perceives as a vulnerable girl in serious danger. In a somewhat ill advised attempt to save the girl, he ends up endangering himself and gaining unexpected powers. Each boy finds himself struggling to improve himself both mentally and physically; so, he can fulfill his roll as protector and defender. These are two action series which feature major combat and internal struggle with random bits of humor thrown in.

Death Note

Both Death Note and Bleach are very different but are also very alike, considering the fact that they both come from Shonen Jump. Both anime involve supernatural-like stuff a lot, including Shinigami (Soul Reapers) and the two worlds that they frequent. Also, Light from DN and Ichigo from Bleach are very alike because they are both stubborn, have a passion for the world they imagine, and want to help create and protect it.

D. Gray Man

D.Gray and Bleach are both great series for action + storyplot. Allen Walker, for example, is similar to Ichigo in his path to discover what he is defending and how his power works. Both go on this enduring journey to discover themselves while protecting those that they hold dear. Epic battles are another reason why this should be watched... If you enjoy seeing moments where there is a return of a character or a new power has been acquired, then you will definitely want to watch D.Gray Man. Think Byakuya vs Ichigo and you'll understand how exciting it is


If you liked Bleach then I think you'd also like Claymore. In both series the main characters are striving to become more powerful and have enemies that they must defeat (Bleach: Arrancar/Hollows, Claymore: Youma). Now you must be thinking that's true for all action anime, and it probably is, but what makes these anime ideal recommendations for each other is the similarities in the character development in both series. Both Ichigo and Clare have a motive to become stronger: Ichigo to protect his loved ones, and Clare to avenge her deceased surrogate mother. Both are great series and if you're looking for anime with both supernatural and action tones than I'd advise you to look no farther.


While Bleach is a far longer series, sporting a more light and episodic feel, both it and Blood+ feature an abnormally strong protagonist battling against evil creatures that desire to rule/destroy the world. Along the way they confront the typical issues of right vs. wrong and the areas in between, and the troubles of maintaining relationships when faced with the challenges of saving the world.
That said, Blood+ is a good deal darker and deeper than Bleach (the latter tending to have more humorous/light scenes, and quite a lot more filler), and the strongest connection between them is intense, action-filled sword-fighting, wielded to battle grotesque looking monsters in an attempt to save the world.

Law of Ueki

If you like action packed anime with a healthy dose of humour and fun then both Bleach and Law of Ueki are for you. Both series have a central character who is learning about their power whilst trying to achieve their goals. Also both series place a large emphasis on teamwork and friendship as the best way to succeed rather than trying to do it all alone. If you like one of these series then it is well worth at least giving the other a go.

Tokyo Underground

Both Tokyo Underground and Bleach are about the intrusion of a secret world into the life of an ordinary high school student - a student who also gains a new and rather unique and powerful ability. Also, both Ichigo and Rumina are known for being excellent fighters and can be hot-headed at times; they tend to act on impulse and in the aid of a female, who is mainly the heroine of the story.
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Old 2009-01-11, 21:43   Link #3
Kira_Naruto, the ecchi
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You play golf and also play FPS game.. you are one weird guy :x


You seems to like shounen genre so .. instead of listing like zareba did ..

Shounen show listed by Animesuki

Do remember that AS only listed unlicensed anime so there's still a couple of gem not listed there.

Try gundam series (gundam Seed) is a good start ..there's more, but some really use old school art.. if you dont mind them, starting from the first series is advisable.

You like Bleach, top already suggested Yuyu Hakusho.. so here's 2 more titles, Naruto and One Piece. (One Piece style do take an acquired taste to appreciate it tho - something I never acquire)

You might as well try on HunterxHunter .. which is very similar to Naruto and Bleach..

Welcome to anime world You'll never leave
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Old 2009-01-11, 23:10   Link #4
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I guess if you like military themes you could try Full Metal Panic. It is funny, has a good plot, and the characters are well-made and thought-out.
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Old 2009-01-12, 16:16   Link #5
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I'll also second Full Metal Panic and Death Note (even though the lead in Death Note is more of an anti-hero). Beyond that, for more down to earth and/or realistic main characters I'd recommend something like:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - it gets pretty philosophical and the lead is more of a conflicted and realistic character than a "tough guy" but he often saves the day.

Macross Zero - it's only five episodes long but it's well made and I think it's got some of the things you're looking for.
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Old 2009-01-12, 17:05   Link #6
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The titles already suggested here are very good, though we can't predict how your milage may vary. I do recommend that you make a few more friends and go out a little more often. It's only good for your health. Join a local club, even if it is one o'them geeky nerdy anime clubs. Get some exercise so ya don't get fat.

I would suggest something a little different. Watch Cardcaptor Sakura. This is the premiere magical girl show that is so multi-layered it ain't just a magical girl plot for kids.

It touches on some serious adult themes that can get creepy. But the adventures are fun, the characters endearing, the melodrama well tempered, and the production values very good for a late 90's anime. And the character transformation of the heroine's rival is outstanding.
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Old 2009-01-12, 20:13   Link #7
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bleach has a major drawback: its too long, what makes it only watchable over broadcast...thats why many people dont give it a try (myself included) same goes for dragon ball z that i had the luck to get on broadcasted and got hired, just downloaded it all in decent rmvb last month, piece of art amazing storyline ^_^
Others i enjoyed: Nausicaa of valley of the wind, El Hazard, Claymore, Evangelion, Ah My Goddess Movie, Akira, Porco Rosso, Scrapped Princess, Escaflowne, Lost Universe, Card Captor Sakura Movies, Doraemon Movies, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke.

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Old 2009-01-12, 20:44   Link #8
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Kekkaishi will certainly fit you as well

and since you're new there are always shows everyone must have tried watching
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Full Metal Alchemist
Full Metal Panic
Ghibli Movies: (Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away, Nausicaa of valley of the wind etc.)

there's many more but its almost 3AM and I want to go to bed =P
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Old 2009-01-12, 22:01   Link #9
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wow, thanks guys for all the nice replies... this is a very nice forum. thanks for taking the time to reply to me =D
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Old 2009-01-12, 22:57   Link #10
Shadow Kira01
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Rather than describing the animes that might interest you, just click on the title which are AniDB links which includes a synopsis, a picture that relates to the anime (kinda like a poster), as well as links to other websites that include information on the anime itself. Very convenient!

Fate/stay night: This is one of the rare TYPE-MOON animes that has 24 episodes. The story focuses on people who fight using magic and swords, which is overall similar to Bleach.

GeneshaftLike Blue Submarine No. 6, this one is about genetic modification in which the world has transformed into a place where the majority of the population are females and that they are also the ones in control of the world. Generally, it had reached the time of the space era in which space battleships and alien spacecrafts have some clashes.

Nabari no Ou: This anime on the surface gives an impression that it is similar to Naruto Shippuuden, but not exactly. The themes are rather different: power, conquest, ambition whereas Naruto Shippuuden had primarily focused on the friendship of Naruto and Sasuke.

Tokyo Underground: The idea is quite similar to Bleach in which the protagonist suddenly gain a sword and goes off to save or protect people.
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Old 2009-01-13, 14:05   Link #11
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Ghibli Movies are simple the best of all full of fantasy and adventure...
Here's their list:
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