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Old 2009-01-27, 01:58   Link #1
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Question Firefly similar to Cowboy Bebop?

I just finished watching the 3rd episode of Firefly and can't help thinking of Cowboy Bebop. For those who have completed the series does it seem likely that Firefly took a little bit of inspiration from Shinichiro Watanabe's masterpiece?

With a Cowboy Bebop Live-Action in the works do you guys think a Firefly type adaptation is an accurate representation of what to expect? I'm pretty excited because Firefly is awesome so far and if it can succeed I think Cowboy Bebop Live-Action that's in the works has the potential to do so as well.

Here are some similarities that I have noticed (incomplete list):
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Old 2009-01-27, 02:07   Link #2
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If you think that Cowboy Bebop and Firefly have a lot of parallels, try watching Outlaw Star - there's a couple obvious ones in the first episode of Outlaw Star alone.

The interesting part is that Joss Whedon claims never to have seen Outlaw Star before making Firefly.

(Is a big Firefly fanboy.)
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Old 2009-01-27, 02:47   Link #3
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Wow, was Spike actually into Faye? Id never have realised.

I think Spike did care for Faye, but not really in a romantic way, at least not like Mal and his love interest.

I can say Spike sure did notice Faye's attractiveness, but more as in how she could use it to get things her way. In the end they're more like brother and sister. Who often express how they annoy each other, but really deep down care for each others well being.

Spikes heart has always been left in the past, hence the ending...though if he did find a woman particularly attractive he had no problem playfully flirting with her eg. Electra.
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Old 2009-01-27, 04:45   Link #4
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Yeah, there are much bigger similarities between Firefly and Outlaw Star than with Cowboy Bebop.

Firefly is much more optimistic show than CB - sure, the characters have some trouble in the past, but nothing they are always running away from or trying to forget. The characters in CB are focused on the past, whereas those in Firefly - on the future.
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Old 2009-01-27, 10:45   Link #5
'Dear Elhit'
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Originally Posted by Waking_Dreamer View Post
Spikes heart has always been left in the past, hence the ending...though if he did find a woman particularly attractive he had no problem playfully flirting with her eg. Electra.
Which ironically means he probably wasn't really interested in Electra. Spike is apparently the kind of guy whose outward behaviour is the opposite of how he actually feels.

The crew of the Bepop (except Ed and Ein) share a common trait — they all act like tough guys, but are actually hurting inside. Hence the appropriateness of the movie's ending theme, Gotta Knock a Little Harder.

"...Suddenly, it occurred to me
The reason for the run and hide
Had totalled my existence

Everything left on the other side
Could never be much worse than this
But could I go the distance

I faced the door and all my shame
Tearin' off each piece of chain
Until they all were broken

But no matter how I tried
The other side was locked so tight
That door, it wouldn't open..."
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Old 2009-01-27, 12:57   Link #6
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Oh snap, is it 2002 again!?
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Old 2009-01-28, 13:58   Link #7
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Originally Posted by typhonsentra View Post
Oh snap, is it 2002 again!?
That’s what I was thinking…Get your necromancy on up in here huh? But anyways Firefly, Bebop, and Outlaw Star all have that common theme of futuristic bounty hunter scenarios with a dash of old school “wild wild west” sensibilities (Most apparent in certain musical choices if not tone)…In any event all 3 shows were ones that I very much enjoyed…Firefly’s mistake unfortunately was being on FOX, a network that has no patience for smart or creative shows that don’t have an immediate ratings impact (See Arrested Development)…I’d be lying if I didn’t say I knew Fox would cancel it after viewing the first episode way back when ($hit was just too smart and niche for a FOX audience)…The Firefly movie wraps up the series quite nicely all things considered though…
Fly since ...
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