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Old 2009-03-03, 17:20   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
Could someone explain to me what Anti-Skill is? I got the "Judgement = law enforcment" part but I have yet to see anything of Anti-Skill. (or that random teacher with blue hair)
This is just the impression I got, but I think both Judgment and Anti-Skill are separate branches of law enforcement. Judgment consists of mostly or entirely students who are powerful psychics (volunteers?) whereas Anti-Skill is more paramilitary SWAT team-esque composed of trained professionals (like the guys Touma called when he found the dead MISAKA). I'm guessing Anti-Skill has no psychics, and are probably trained more in weapons and such. The name "Anti-Skill" implies to me that they're specially trained to fight out-of-control psychics.

As for why the blue-haired teacher is part of it, I'm guessing its similar to the reason Komoe seems to be a neuro-scientist. All of the adults in the city seem to be part of the greater organization controlling it, either scientists or military, and teachers must come from that pool.
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Old 2009-03-03, 19:17   Link #62
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To be more precise, Judgement is not a true law-enforcement body, but rather a student-build moral committee. Judgement is responsible for keeping students in the school in line, and catching delinquents abusing their powers. Since their authority only goes as far as the school grounds, they're not allowed to get involved with crimes unrelated to either school or its students. Kuroko already got in trouble for doing otherwise before, and there's a fair chance she'll get in trouble this time as well, unless this was on school grounds.

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Old 2009-03-03, 20:21   Link #63
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I wonder if anyone mentioned this or not.

Spoiler for A Certain Maria Watching Over Us?:
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Old 2009-03-04, 05:41   Link #64
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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
I wonder if anyone mentioned this or not.

Spoiler for A Certain Maria Watching Over Us?:
This is LOL
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Old 2009-03-04, 11:39   Link #65
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I wonder how that must've been for Sphinx to be smothered by Hyouka like that...
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Old 2009-03-04, 14:52   Link #66
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I really hope they air most of the characters before the whole show ends. I'll be sad if I don't get to see Stiyl blush again when Touma accuses him of liking Index>< xDD Another thing I really am wishing for, besides a second season, is that people will actually find out Touma lost his memory and they develop a better story about the relationship between the church and Index[like a flashback]. That would be dissipointing if the whole series ended and we never found out those things.
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Old 2009-03-04, 18:43   Link #67
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this ep made me rethink kuroko's power...more dangerous than i thought lol
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Old 2009-03-05, 08:00   Link #68
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Finally, back to the main protagonists. We had some great humor and decent action. They sure know how to set a stage with this series.
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Old 2009-03-08, 15:22   Link #69
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This episode was so funny ^^ i laugh with some part
Index + Misaka + Komoe + Himegami XD
Index's face in 1:07 XD
3:05 with the wind ahah Touma recognize it was Misaka with her shorts
To see Komoe drive i laugh hard XD 4:21 Ahah
Komoe : "Its a girl" 7:22 after Index come XD
Well so much fun scene . it was good . Himegami 14:56 XD
Omg in the cafeteria , Hyouka disappeared in 2 sec and they said nothing ... well she was cute and have big boobs . The cat suffocate and left her boobs XD
The guy upside down , i wonder how long he was in this position ...
Kuroko is strong though .
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