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Old 2008-11-24, 09:14   Link #61
Iron Maw
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No, that sounds like a good explanation.
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Old 2008-11-24, 12:05   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Iron Maw View Post
Of course, he's getting anywhere with out doing that first. But the Sword pointed out that he was more like a Demon, which might mean he could end up like Asura if he's not careful.
Do agree he could get himself into serious trouble if he doesn't face things like his families past head on. Don't know anything about Asura's partner or the guys he was working with. But at least Black Star has some good people around him that should be able to help him if he goes too far.

Guess all of the meisters have things to deal with. Kid has to handle the situation with his father and what is being hidden from him. The Black Blood in Soul is more than enough trouble for Maka to deal with. Then you have Black Star chasing getting stronger too quickly and putting himself at risk.
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Old 2008-11-25, 12:03   Link #63
ショ ン (^^)
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Originally Posted by -Sho- View Post
So maka is the leader's team !The next episode will be great !!!The WAR begin !!!
So DAMN excited about this It has begun. Looks we are going to see some of the students involved too. From the preview looks like the entire class went and they are actually involved in the battle. Plus in the new OP they even give some of the regular student their own little spot in the OP. Looks like Kid is not the only one with two weapons.
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Old 2008-11-28, 09:42   Link #64
Chicken or Beef?
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Wow for the first time every, the art was weak in this series *shock*

anyway, good episode and I was rather shocked that Black Star hit Maka that hard O_o
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Old 2008-11-30, 02:25   Link #65
Mr. DJ
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Black Star has a niche for being a asshole when he wants did I want to see Kid lay into him, damn interruptions...
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Old 2009-03-13, 16:27   Link #66
nepenthes rajah
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Originally Posted by Keiichi_chan View Post
Isn't Maka technically the weakest since she can't properly even pull of Resonance yet?
I mean, we have yet to see Witch Hunting even connect when she does it,right?
I do think she's probably the smartest and best strategist, so her being the leader makes the most sense, but it'd be pretty easy to have doubts about trusting to life to someone clearly weaker than you. B*S's attitude is a little mean, but it's understandable.

Not to mention, Maka and Soul seem to have tons of problems ever getting on the same page during battles which is like fighting with one arm tied behind your back while Kid and B*S seem to be totally in sync with their partners. Say what you will about his attitude, B*S consistantly saves Maka's ass during pretty much every single group battle.
Had to respond to that, even though it's a pretty old topic.
I think it's the Black Blood weakening her. Otherwise her & Soul being one soul away from their goal just doesn't make sense. Okay, Black Star tends to lose opportunities, even though he's strong enough to win them. But what about Kid? If he's stronger than Maka, has better soul resonance (no ifs on this point, he, Liz and Patti seem to be the best partnership in that regard, ironically despite Kid's mental problems and Patti's total lack of concentration), then why hasn't he collected at least the similar amount of souls? If Maka is so weak in comparison to them, how came they haven't gotten that far?
Hmm... kind of strange. Maybe a leap of faith is needed

Another interesting point about this group resonance - unlike soul resonance with one's weapon it apparently doesn't require a lot of closeness. Kid and Maka were able to do it easily, but they aren't really close friends, right? They don't have much in common, they knew each other for a short time. They simply never clashed, mostly due to lack of interaction methinks, plus Maka's usually friendly behaviour and Kid's polite manners.
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