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Old 2009-03-13, 16:13   Link #1
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Last House on the Left (2009)

I'm seeing the movie later on and I was wondering if anyone had already seen it.
How was the stories plot and such and did it live up to its scary hype?
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Old 2009-03-13, 20:48   Link #2
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Honestly? No. There is nothing real scary in the, not even the idea is scary considering the fact that the father's retribution seems worse than the gang's actual crimes (and that is saying a lot considering how fucked up the gang is). Added to that are some of the small changes from the original that actually change the presentation of the characters negatively (I won't give too much away, but this adaptation is somewhat more hopeful).

In the end, it is impossible not to compare this film with its predecessor. Where the original was shocking, disturbing, disgusting, and even somewhat beautiful in its sheer simplicity in the presentation of vengeance and retribution. But, the remake simply becomes a splatter fest with no real soul or underlying substance. Were the original was heavily influenced by the death of the Hippie movement, the increasing violence in Vietnam, and even the emergence of Heavy Metal music (the original girls went off to see a band called Bloodlust ), this adaptation, though, divorces itself from the horrors of reality, attempting to create a more "personal" story, but in the end sells its soul for cheap gore and bad splatter (they turned a stirring condemnation of American society, into a bad sequel/prequel to Saw).

In conclusion, see the original, or even the true original (Ingmar Bergman's classic Academy award winning film "The Virgin Spring"), but do not see the remake, or if you do, prepare to be bored.
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Old 2009-03-13, 23:20   Link #3
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I'm planning on seeing this tomorrow. A friend of mine saw it tonight and said it was awesome.
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