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Old 2004-06-08, 12:23   Link #1
Bishoujo Menace
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Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)

So, I'm in LOVE with Yami No Matsuei, but I have to know: 13 episodes? Is that all? Will there be more? Ever? I'm not talking fan sub release time. I mean, were any more made? Will any more be made? It had such an open/unfinished ending. Sigh.
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Old 2004-06-08, 12:47   Link #2
Spirit Chicken!
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Post well

I share your pain. The manga is, however, still ongoing and contains many elements that the anime did not have. Last I heard though, nobody knows when the next volume will come out, but you could probably find a scanlation or a legit order for it if you poked around enough. Good Luck and we can always hope for more Yami no Matsuei, Flame of Recca, Groove Adventure RAVE...and oh wait...crap that's a lot of unfinished series..nooo
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Old 2004-06-08, 13:10   Link #3
mentionitis ouendanica
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The YnM manga has been picked up by Viz. I have no idea when the first volume will come out.

On another rather off-topic note - why is it that more and more manga-based anime series involve the anime ending earlier than the manga? In the old days the manga ends first, then the anime ends shortly after...
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