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Old 2009-03-06, 09:20   Link #21
Absolute Haruhist!
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Yes, I feel sorry for the thread starter really, he was asking for the most evil, worst villians of video games.

And here we have people posting the characters they hate, main characters, heroes, protagonists, or just good characters that they hate.
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Old 2009-03-06, 09:53   Link #22
Adeptus Animus
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Well, the 'worst' part in the thread title does make one think the topic is about bad characters. And that's often a matter of opinion.

Now if we're talking evil characters, then few can match the crown that is Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic in my opinion.

Not only has she trained a considerable amount of Jedi who ended up becoming Sith, she also deceived you throughout the entire game, mocking you, teaching you, all the while doing it for nothing more then a simple answer to a question: Why did you survive?

And once she has that answer? She discards you as one would do a lottery ticket that didn't net a price.

That's the true evil that resides in Kreia. She's not some blatantly obvious evil character that slaughters all in it's path, she is a subtle, cryptic but ultimately selfish women who cares naught if and how many are sacrificed to serve her means, no matter how pitiful these means are.
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Old 2009-03-06, 18:40   Link #23
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Old 2009-03-08, 00:15   Link #24
Yokokawan Cyber
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tate and liza
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Old 2009-03-08, 00:23   Link #25
Thread Killer
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Adolf Hitler - Wolfenstein 3D.
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Old 2009-03-08, 19:41   Link #26
Bonta Kun
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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
Now, the worst in term of morality and evil, like omg so evil Hitler cried, I'll answer Shodan from System Shock 2. Just thinking about her is making me scared shitless.
now that there is one evil bitch! one of the the best villians ever!

shes def the pick for complete whole character design on evil-ness

now whether or not this is OT I have to say, one of my most hated characters is Prince Rurik from Guild Wars, he's a cheap Leeroy rip-off and the emo git has made me lose more missions than I should have >__<
yea ok this is probably down to ai programming but I don't care in that respect as the little bugger can really piss me off sometimes
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Old 2009-03-08, 23:36   Link #27
Yokokawan Cyber
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Mr Jones from Rage of the Dragons
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Old 2009-03-09, 09:30   Link #28
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most evil characters in an mmo are lowbie escort quest givers... these stupid sob's walk at the slowest place possible, aggro everything in god damn sight and pretty much scream to the other faction to gank the shit out of you. Of course this is compounded ever greater when your leveling up your umpteenth alt.
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Old 2009-03-09, 19:54   Link #29
Yokokawan Cyber
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Mary Godwin
Shelly Godwin
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Old 2009-03-30, 12:21   Link #30
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ermm im sorry for pokemon fans out there but i hate all the new pokemon i can't rly stand what their names are some are pretty cool but.... ya....
i hate sonic a lot as well, all of the James bonds games except Golden Eye
maybe a couple more i can't recall as well
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Old 2009-03-30, 12:24   Link #31
Dying Rose
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I think Mario is the one of the worst video game characters ever except luigi he cool!
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Old 2009-03-30, 19:01   Link #32
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Worst as in horrible character: Micaiah from (FE 10) and Marta (TOS:KOR). Worst main characters to debut in a sequel ever...

Worst as in amoral but still bad-ass: (Not really sure if visual novels count but) Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. If stuffing stomachs with candy and having her victims' insides pouring out onto the ground isn't horrid, I don't know what is...

Worst as in apperence: Again, Marta. I hate her character design. No particular reason, I just hate it.
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Old 2009-03-31, 07:12   Link #33
Kyero Fox
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anyone from Xenosaga, Except Jin .. and yes i mean Talos and Kos Mos... i don't find slutty powerful girl andriods slightly cool or attractive.

actually.. any slutty character...

Pit,Ice Climbers, king dedee ... too many people to name.
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Old 2009-03-31, 17:49   Link #34
hate yourself with style~
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As for me:

Vaan - Final Fantasy XII. he was rather uninteresting as character and -at least for me- the game itself was one big fail.
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Old 2009-04-02, 03:52   Link #35
Throne Invader
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Originally Posted by Yokokawan Cyber View Post
tate and liza
Awww I find the twins ok. Dunno why you're annoyed by em. Having a hard time beating em? Hehe. I don't like the Juan in emerald though.

Micaiah seems ok to me. I actually find it empowering that a girl is the main character. That's why I like fire emblem games.

It's time to start letting her make her own decisions. - Mom's dermatologist~
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Old 2009-04-02, 09:00   Link #36
Senior Member
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Worst in terms of being a horrible, horrible human being: Kefka from FF6.

Worst in terms of being useless in general and you wonder why they created such a lame character: Half of the main characters in visual novels. Examples include Makoto(School Days), Takayuki(KGNE), and Takumi(Chaos Head). If you don't include visual novels, then Vann. Because he is somehow the "main" character when he's at best the 4th most important character in the party.

Characters I personally hate:
Most of the main characters in Grandia. Any guy that looks reallly like a girl(Kuja comes to mind). Maria from Sakura Wars.

On the subject of Sakura Matou, I actually like her. Mainly because I felt really sorry for her while reading through Heaven's Feel. I guess in terms of personality, she sucks pretty bad. But at least she isn't a robot who makes the story boring, ala Saber and Fate route.
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Old 2009-04-02, 11:29   Link #37
Salt Levels Critical
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Originally Posted by AmoreDoll View Post

Micaiah seems ok to me. I actually find it empowering that a girl is the main character. That's why I like fire emblem games.
I don't know, I wouldn't really consider her a good example of an "empowering" female lead.

Spoiler for why:
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Old 2009-04-02, 15:08   Link #38
Fission Mailed
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no offence...but Sephiroth.
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Old 2009-04-02, 15:35   Link #39
Homo Ludens
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Originally Posted by meh View Post
Worst in terms of being useless in general and you wonder why they created such a lame character: Half of the main characters in visual novels. Examples include Makoto(School Days), Takayuki(KGNE), and Takumi(Chaos Head).
At least Takumi spends the entire last chapter of the game being a total badass. More than makes up for his incessant whining.

Though I actually felt sorry for the kid, with all his neuroses and phobias.
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Old 2009-04-04, 03:18   Link #40
Ha ha ha ha ha...
*Graphic Designer
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Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Actually, you could include the whole damn cast as well (excepting Quistis XD).

Well, I don't want to rant too much, so I'll just say that Squall's entire being can be described quite simply: He's emo, stupid, and gay. That and he uses one of the most retarded weapons to ever be conceived: the gunblade.

*waits for the flames of the fanboys*
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