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Weird Audio Problems

So like the title says I'm having a weird audio problem... for some reason it seems like different files (from the same series/group) are having different output levels from episode to episode. One episode will be soft, then another loud, and every now and then there is one where the audio just plain out doesn't work well and is very choppy... Could this just be the group experimenting with different audio encodes or something? And if so anything I can do to maybe normalize it and get the choppy unchoppy?

Edit: PC specs just in case it matters...

ATI Radeon 3650 512
1gig DDR2 675
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

Pretty much 99% of the files run fine, even with lots of action and effects and such. Just every now and then I get something like this and it's really annoying.. so I'm just wondering like I said above. Running latest CCCP and audio (realtek) drivers also, although like I said with 99% of files playing just fine...

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