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Originally Posted by LVD View Post
Not as addicitve than the opening song for Animelo 2007, but not bad at all.
I couldn't hear Nana voice at first, until she made her solo part and I realized she was singing very high (to match Yukarin voice I guess). Very nice combination really, great duo! I like how Nana acts a bit more "childishly" (jumping and stuff), when Yurakin seems more focused on the singing.
Bonus point granted for the close-up when they are holding hands (I'm so picturing Nanoha and Fate at this point ).
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Originally Posted by Nina.Wolken View Post
Not as addicitve than the opening song for Animelo 2007, but not bad at all.
.... It's not exactly fair comparing Rinbu Revolution with Nana-sama and Makkun to this. >___>; And I still think it's weird how that was Yukarin's first Animelo and she was the opening act. orz

But Chihara Minori did sing Rinbu Revolution with Makkun later on. It's Disc 2 of Day One. :D

And I didn't really picture Fate and Nanoha. I think I was too busy fangirl squealing over them singing together and then holding hands.

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Got a music video that goes with that...
Well...not really...but close enough!

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The following is what happens when you stick Password in a mountain cabin for several days with extremely limited Internet but with access to many Chinese-speaking relatives. A lack of anything else to do does wonders for productivity.

Usual reminders. This was based on the Chinese translation and translated with the help of people without much knowledge on the series. Any corrections would be much appreciated.

Here we go
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 2

11 - Erio to Caro 2nin no Omoi
11 - Erio and Caro - Two People's Wish

Erio: Haa...
Erio: Ah, Fried
Erio: Yeah, it's just me. Caro's still taking a bath I think.
Caro: Erio-kun, Fried
Erio: Caro, have you finished taking a bath?
Caro: Yeah, how about Erio-kun?
Erio: Yeah. I'm just a little out of it.
Caro: I see. Can I stay with you?
Erio: Sure. Please do.
Erio: Ahh, the wind feels good.
Caro: The weather is good too, and the stars are also beautiful.
Erio: Caro's homeland was a place with beautiful stars, right?
Caro: Yes, you can see many beautiful stars in Alzus's night sky.
Erio: I only started to look at stars after Fate-san rescued me. You couldn't see the stars in the research center.
Caro: It’s so mysterious/strange, the worlds we were born in and our experiences/lives are completely different, and we’ve had so many tragic things happen, and now we’re looking at Mid's night sky together.
Erio: It's because we were rescued by Fate-san.
Caro: That's true.
Caro: Say, Fate-san today...
Erio: Yeah, we actually saw her looking lonely.
Caro: Even when we're trying our best not to worry her...
Erio: Yeah, because she's so soft-hearted/kind. If we act like children, she becomes very troubled.
Caro: Even if we work very hard, maybe what we're doing is not so helpful.
Erio: Fate-san's work has been getting harder recently, because we don't want to burden her, we decided to work together/do our best together.
Caro: Yeah, we only wish to have Fate-san smile/laugh, so why… why isn’t it working/going well?
Erio: Why is it like this?
Caro: Yeah, why is it like this?


13 - Senmonka
13 - Specialists

Caro: It's strange isn't it...
Subaru: Today's dinner was very good too wasn't it?
Teana: Uh, I think you ate too much before training.
Subaru: Eh? Hm? Erio, Caro, what are you doing... here?
Caro: Subaru-san?
Subaru: What is it? Even Erio...
Caro: Ah, no, that's…
Erio: It's... It's nothing
Subaru: Just look at your faces, how could you say that it's nothing?
Teana: Something troubling you? Is it something we can help you with?...
Erio: That's um...
Caro: It's something about... Fate-san.
Subaru: Ah, between mother and child, huh?
Teana: Ah, our advice wouldn’t be suitable for these kinds of things, would it? (Ah, our advice is a little weak on that front, isn’t it?)
Erio: S... sorry.
Teana: Don't apologize. Come on, you better wipe your tears.
Caro: Oh, sorr-... thanks.
Subaru: Um, now what? If you could find somebody who you could talk about Fate-san...
Teana: Shari-san's outside, Nanoha-san and Vivio are together.
Subaru: Ah, that's right; don’t we already know the best person to discuss about Fate-san?
Teana: Ah, I get it, you mean her, right?
Subaru: Yup, she really knows Fate-san, and she really knows about the two of you too.

Arf: Ah, Erio, Caro, YO!
Erio: Un…
Caro: Sorry, Arf.
Arf: Don't worry about it; I’ve just put the kids to bed. So, what is it?
Erio: Actually... it's about Fate-san...

Shari: Haa, Fate-san, thanks for your hard/tiring work with the meeting. Ah, your car's already parked in the underground parking lot.
Fate: Oh, thank you Shari.

Shari: So, what happened to you?
Fate: Ah, that, there are all sorts of things/reasons...
Shari: Fate-san, I've been telling you for a long time now, the relationships between officers and assistants are like sisters. If you have problems, please talk about it with me.
Fate: Um, I'm happy you said that.
Shari: Really?
Fate: Even if it's a small thing for me, this is a very important/big thing for the two of them.
Shari: Ahh, this is about Erio and Caro.
Fate: Yeah.
Shari: Well, if it's a problem that needs specialist knowledge, the best way is to find a specialist to solve it.
Fate: A specialist?
Shari: Right, a specialist on mother-child relationships... Isn't there one real close to Fate-san?

Lindy: Ara, Fate, it's been a while.
Fate: Yes, sorry about this, mother, being so sudden...
Lindy: Talks between daughter and mother, there's no such thing as sudden or not sudden. What is it?
Fate: The truth is I want to talk about Erio and Caro...


14 - Nanoha to Vivio Bed
14 - Nanoha and Vivio - Bed

Nanoha: There, I've changed your clothes, time for sleep, let's go to bed.
Vivio: Un.
Nanoha: Here, Mr. Rabbit.
Vivio: Un.
Nanoha: Well, me too…
Vivio: Ah, Mama...
Nanoha: What is it?
Vivio: The thing is... I still don't want to sleep (I’m still not sleepy).
Nanoha: Geez, why did you say that after we changed your clothes? If you said that before we changed your clothes, we could have gone out for a stroll. You shouldn't do that, Vivio.
Vivio: Shouldn't do that.
Nanoha: Oh well, if you go to bed, maybe you'll get sleepy?
Vivio: Will I?
Nanoha: Fate-mama is not home yet; we can keep the lights on and talk about things.
Vivio: Un.
Nanoha: But if you sleep in late, and wake up, Vivio will be alone.
Vivio: Oh~
Nanoha: If it's Nanoha-mama's usual job, I won't go far away. I'll just be at the usual place.
Vivio: Un.
Nanoha: Well then, what should Nanoha and Vivio talk about?
Vivio: Umm, let's talk about Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama.
Nanoha: About us... hmm, okay... Originally, we began as enemies. (Originally, we started out fighting each other)
Vivio: You fought?
Nanoha: Yup really electrifying ones…
Vivio: Oh...
Nanoha: After that, we became very close, Fate-mama and I had so many experiences, then we went to work under the Administration Bureau.
Vivio: Oh...
Nanoha: Fate-mama works in...


15 - Oya Toshite
15 - As a Parent

Lindy: Listening to everything you said, in simple terms, it's because Erio and Caro are too obedient and hard-working, that's why you feel troubled?
Fate: Un, even before, Erio and Caro had that kind of direction, but after joining Riot Force Six, their complaints/unhappiness and selfishness completely disappeared. Recently, they don't even show their expressions of hardship and tiredness. No matter how many times you ask, they just say "There's no problem". (Everything is fine)
Lindy: Un.
Fate: I imitated mother's actions, and I learned a lot from Momoko-san and Admiral Leti, I also read a lot of books on how to take care of children, but...
Lindy: Mm, you really read a lot, didn't you.
Fate: According to the books, if children are very obedient, that means that they feel lonely, because they're afraid that their parents will hate them, they wish their parents to take care of them...
Lindy: Ah…
Fate: They give the appearance of "good children" but it's the opposite, in reality, the children are forcing themselves, they're bottling up their feelings in...
Lindy: Maybe you're thinking of your childhood days, when you were with your mother Precia, when you were like that too?
Fate: That is...
Lindy: If that's not it, maybe you actually feel that Erio and Caro don’t treat you as their own guardian?
Fate: Ah, that...
Lindy: Well Fate, Erio and Caro are already ten, but they’re still only ten. They’re at the right age when they start finding things they want to strive hard for and if they really can't continue, that's the time they will depend on their parents and the adults around them, right?
Fate: Un.
Lindy: I also receive mails from the both of them, but they always talk about the people in Riot Force Six. For example, how they received help from someone, or how Nanoha's teaching is so great, or how they are persevering/how hard they’re trying.
Fate: Is that so…
Lindy: Their life now must be very fruitful.
Fate: Un.
Lindy: Ten years old is just the right age for them to be more interested in their friends and other people, rather than their mother and family.
Fate: Ah.
Lindy: Therefore you shouldn't worry; you should protect them even now as their mother/guardian.
Fate: Un.
Lindy: The remaining things are your own problem. Now about those...


16 - Arf to Erio Caro
16 - Arf, Erio, and Caro

Arf: Mm... I still don't understand why the both of you are worried; for example you think that Fate hates the two of you?
Caro: No... We don't think that.
Erio: Un…
Arf: Naturally, that's impossible. But because you don't like to make Fate worried, or you don't like to express your frustrations, if you over force yourselves like that, Fate will surely get worried/sad.
Caro: Ah…
Erio: But we're not really... forcing ourselves.
Arf: Mm~ I understand that too. But Fate is a big worrywart, and she also has a very strong sense of responsibility too.
Erio: Un…
Arf: If you're in a hurry to do one thing, you'll distance yourself from the other person or you'll start feeling it’s impossible. That's why your mother feels many hardships/difficulties.
Caro: Un
Erio: But since we're both employees of the Adminiatration Bureau.
Caro: And we're also officers and subordinates of the same branch.
Arf: Ahh, so what now? Fate was very against the two of you becoming employees of the Administration Bureau and joining Riot Force 6 before, I think it's because she already knew that it will increase the distance between you.
Erio and Caro: Oh.
Arf: But this was the decision the both of you took, and this path of yours was accepted by Fate. However, no matter what happens to the relationship, you should find the best way to solve it.
Erio: Un…
Caro: That's right.
Arf: Though I said that, hm, yeah, let's talk about solving this problem in detail...


17 - Kazoku Dakara
17 - Because we’re Family

Lindy: Well, let's talk again then. Un~
Arf: Okay, if there's anything else, just call me again. Well, goodbye.
Lindy: Ara, Arf, you must have been talking with Erio's side earlier?
Arf: Saying that, mother, you must have been talking with Fate?
Lindy: Un, that's right. How worrisome, right?
Arf: Those worrywarts became too careful around each other.
Lindy: It just means that they’ve become a good family (good mother and children). I wonder if they don't realize it themselves.
Arf: But mother, you think it's very amusing don't you? (You’re very glad/happy aren’t you?)
Lindy: So do you Arf, your tail won't stop wagging.
Arf: Er, I was careless

Fate: Caro, Erio
Erio: Fate-san
Caro: Ah…
All three: Um...


18 - Fate to, Erio to, Caro to
18 - Fate, Erio, and Caro

Nanoha: Oh?
Fate: Nanoha, Vivio.
Nanoha: Fate-chan.
Vivio: Fate-mama.
Nanoha: Huh, together with Erio and Caro too?
Erio: At this late hour, sorry.
Caro: Sorry.
Fate: Um, there's something I wish to discuss with Erio and Caro. Can Nanoha and Vivio go to sleep first?
Nanoha: Un, I understand.
Vivio: Un.
Nanoha: The three of you can talk in this room; Vivio doesn't want to go to sleep yet. (Vivio says she’s not sleepy yet)
Vivio: I don't want to go to sleep yet. (I’m not sleepy at all)
Fate: Uh, but...
Nanoha: Seems like you need to talk about something very important. There was some tension during alert, but it just so happens that we’re off duty now, so take your time talking.
Fate: Ah, yeah.
Nanoha: So Vivio and I will sleep in the vacant room over there tonight.
Vivio: We're off.
Fate: Sorry about this, thank you, Nanoha, Vivio.
Erio and Caro: Thank you very much.

Subaru: Ah, did it end well? Or are they just starting now?
Teana: Mn, it makes me worry for them.
Alto: Ah, what are you guys doing there?
Lucino: Something happen?
Subaru: Ah, Alto, Lucino-san...
Teana: Ah, well, the thing is…
Vita: Ora, I told you not to be so noisy in the corridor, if you want to talk, go to the lounge or to your room.
Lucino: Ah, sorry.
Alto: We were just passing by…
Lucino: Ah, yeah…
Vita: Hm? Lightning Squad and Nanoha is also here, what's everyone doing?
Erio and Caro: We're sorry.
Nanoha: Sorry, sorry.
Fate: It's a personal thing, so I'll return to my room
Erio and Caro: Excuse us!
Vita: Ah? What’s happening?
Subaru: It's nothing, Vice-Captain.
Teana: Anyway, everyone’s off duty, it's just a small matter.

Fate: Well then, Erio, Caro.
Erio and Caro: Yes…
Fate: Both of you have been working hard recently, you've doing many things very well, I feel very happy. But you're very obedient and very hard-working...
Erio: Um, us, because of us you got worried...
Caro: And we also made Fate-san's life hard, and made her lonely...
Fate: Eh? No! It's because you didn't let me worry about you, and didn't bother me, that I felt conflicted. Because I couldn't do well, so the two of you are forcing yourselves...
Caro: We're not forcing ourselves...
Erio: Even though we're very hardworking, we're not forcing ourselves.
Fate: Am I suitable to be your guardian? Did I treat you well? Is there any part where you're not satisfied?
Erio: Ah, something we're unsatisfied with...
Erio and Caro: That's impossible.
Erio: Fate-san, you worry too much.
Caro: We're not little children like Vivio anymore.
Erio: We want to change from being people that act like children during hard situations...
Caro: Even just a little bit, we want to change ourselves. This is what the two of us had decided on after many discussions.
Erio: But… we got scolded by Arf…
Caro: ‘Did the two of you mention what you decided on after so many discussions to Fate-san?’...
Fate: Ah…
Erio and Caro: Mm?
Fate: I also asked for advice from mother. I want for us to be together, and want you to rely on me… My wishes, was I able to communicate this to you clearly...
Erio: Ah, um, so that's how it was...
Caro: You asked Lindy-san how to solve this problem?
Fate: Ah, you were also following the suggestion of Arf?
Erio and Caro: Yes…
F+E+C: "The three of you better clearly talk with each other"…
Caro: You should have solved this problem (did that) in the beginning...
Fate: The three of us were so worried and too careful...
Erio: Stubbornness, wilfulness (selfishness), it’s easy to misunderstand other's people's compliments...
Fate: What the heck, we were all just the same.
Caro: Yes…
Erio: We really were, weren't we.
Fate: Well, why won't we talk about it properly? So we can avoid any more misunderstandings.
Erio and Caro: Yes
Fate: Would you want to drink tea or something else?
Caro: Oh, I'll do it...
Erio: Me too...
Fate: Nope, the two of you better wait. I learned how to make delicious Caramel Milk from Nanoha; I'll make some for you to drink.
Erio and Caro: Yes
Fate: The intricate relationship between mother and child, even if you can manage it smoothly is still unclear. Mother said, if you adopt/raise children as their guardian, at the same time, you should let the children raise you. I think that Alicia and I, when we were together with mother Precia, and when I was growing up with Lindy, were sharing the same feelings.
Fate: Caro's should be more sweet, Erio's needs more milk. There, it's done.


20 - Yagami Ie no Yoru
20 - Night time at the Yagami's

Vita: I'm home
Shamal: Ah, welcome home.
Signum: What is it? What happened?
Vita: Nothing. There was some stuff with Nanoha and Lightning Squad; Alto, Subaru, and the others were peeping/watching.
Shamal: Ara, ah...
Rein: That family seems to have many problems, don't they?
Shamal: Our family also has its share of problems.
Vita: Oh, this is the data on the summoner and the Combat Cyborgs from before.
Rein: And this red-headed kid.
Shamal: Unison Device... according to Ancient Belka information, she's a ‘Unification Device’.
Vita: Ya know, it didn’t seem like she was planning to unison with the summoner.
Rein: That’s true, even when she was in danger/having difficulties, not even an indication/hint of it.
Hayate: It could be that somebody else is that Unison Device's master/lord--the one she unisons with. We’ll need to carefully think of emergency counter-measures.
Signum: True but let Vita or I handle it...
Vita: Together with Rein. We’re counting on you, Rein.
Rein: Yes, Vita-chan.
Hayate: Even if you say that, please the two of you, and Rein too, don't push yourselves too much.
Signum: Yes
Vita: We'll be fine
Rein: We'll be fine, Hayate-chan. The second Blessed Wind--I swear by my name of Reinforce II, Rein will surely bring victory.


21 - Jikai Yokoku
21 - Next Time On!

Shamal: Hidden behind the name of the Blessed Wind, are secrets and wishes from the past.
Rein: The meaning behind my birth, the making of a Unison Device--the reason for a Unison Device's life.
Shamal: Next on Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Strikers Sound Stage 03, episode 18.5.
Rein: The Winds of Heaven, the Flames of Black Night
Shamal: On that snowy night...
Shamal and Rein: Take off!

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 3

01 - Senkan Asura Taichou Tachi
01 - Warship Arthra - The Captains

Nanoha: The TSAB Ground Forces Main Branch and Riot Force Six were attacked, and as replacement for the destroyed Riot Force Six HQ, the members of Riot Force went towards the naval base warship, Arthra--it's been 27 hours since we transferred. Most of the members are still hospitalized, and the Forwards are still above ground.
Fate: Ah, Nanoha
Nanoha: Captain Fate
Fate: Are there no more problems above ground?
Nanoha: Un, Vita-chan and Signum handled it.
Fate: The living quarters is already finished. Will you go to your room and sleep for a while?
Nanoha: Thank you. But this is nothing.
Fate: Is that so...
Nanoha: How about Hayate-chan?
Fate: She's in the bridge. I'm also going there now.
Nanoha: Mm

Hayate: Hah...
Nanoha: Hayate-chan.
Hayate: Ah, Nanoha-chan, Fate-chan.
Fate: What is it? Why are you standing up?
Hayate: Eh, it's nothing. I always feel that I'm not fit to sit here.
Nanoha: This is the... Admiral's seat?
Hayate: Un. This was Lindy's ten years ago, and this was still Chrono's seat during the last time wasn't it? This is still too heavy for me.
Nanoha: If you don't sit properly, it's going to be dangerous.
Fate: Arthra is currently the ship of Riot Force Six, so the Commander should seat here.
Hayate: Yes, that's true.
Fate: Un, it's all right, it really suits you.
Hayate: Thank you.
Fate: Ah, the Arthra crew is already aboard, everything's already in order. Those in the hospital will be a bit late, but they will also gather here gradually.
Nanoha: The Vice-captains and the Forwards, after they finish with things above ground, but I believe they'll arrive on the ship tonight.
Hayate: Yes, I understand.
Nanoha: By the way, how's Rein?
Fate: Is she still in the main office?
Hayate: Un, although she already regained consciousness, she still needs to stay in the recovery room, she's currently in the with Mari-san.

02 - Honkyoku Reinforce II to Mary ~Rein no Miru Yume~
02 - Main Office - Reinforce II and Mari ~The Dream Rein Saw~

Mari: Un, your injuries are healing well. Actually, you're recovering quickly.
Rein: Yes, thank you very much.
Mari: After that, were there any changes?
Rein: Um... that is...
Mari: Mn.
Rein: ... I had a dream.
Mari: Dream? What kind of dream?
Rein: When I woke up, I forgot almost all of the dream, but I felt that it was a sad dream, a lonely dream.
Mari: Is that so... Well, your body was just sick recently, so you were tense and nervous, but there's nothing to worry about.
Rein: Mmm...
Mari: Okay. Continue lying here for one hour. Afterwards, I'll come to look at your condition.
Rein: Yes
Mari: Ah, that's right, I received a message from Vita earlier, even if Zafira still hasn't recovered his consciousness, he can now respond.
Rein: Really?
Mari: Un. Just you wait, he'll wake up. Rein will also recover quickly.
Rein: Yes. I'll do my best.
Mari: Un. Well, see you later.
Rein: Thank you very much.
Rein: Haa... Vita-chan is okay now, Shamal is also improving very well, that's really good... But because of that person with the fire-using Unison Device, while it was a limited Unison with Vita-chan, he still defeated us, Knight Zest. Looking at the situation now, they're a little different from the criminals... Haa... those people, what are...

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Originally Posted by Password View Post
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 2
14 - Nanoha to Vivio Bed
Nanoha: But if Nanoha-mama's everyday work didn't need to go to a far away place, I'll just be at the usual place.
I think this line could be better translated as "If it's Nanoha-mama's usual job, I won't go far away. I'll just be at the usual place."
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Changed and thanks. We had a lot of trouble translating that line <<
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Originally Posted by Alavon View Post
Yeah, that about sums it up. Thanks for the translations, Password, we really appreciate it.
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Hello everyone, these are OrderNorChaos's translation of StrikerS SS02, track 1 - 4 with minor corrections. I just listened to the tracks to make sure that they are correct. The vast majority of the translations were correct, I didn't even need to tweak much.

In any case, I decided to repost with corrections.

01. A morning with Nanoha and Vivio

Fate: The little girl that was secured together with the relics on that day of the emergency mobilization, Vivio. As an artificial mage, she had no parents, no relatives and no place to go. It is in that condition, the first person she met when she woke up, was Riot Force 6’s tactical instructor and also my best friend, Takamachi Nanoha. It is due to this encounter; Nanoha has gotten surprisingly fond of Vivio and has decided to be her guardian until a more suitable arrangement can be made. I also offered my assistance as a second guardian. And so….

Nanoha: Okay, Vivio, I will be going off then.
Fate: I am going as well.
Vivio: Uhmm….
Nanoha: Aina-san, I will be relying on your help.
Aina: Yes, understood. Okay Vivio, now say “have a safe trip” to your mamas.
Vivio: Hmm… Mama~! (glomps Nanoha)
Nanoha: Now, now, Vivio.
Fate: You can’t do that, Vivio. Nanoha mama will be back in the afternoon, right?
Vivio: Hmm…
Teana: Ah… um, er…
Subaru: Good morning…..
Nanoha: Subaru, Teana.
Erio & Caro: Good morning.
Fate: Caro, Erio. Good morning.
Aina: Come on Vivio
Vivio: Mmm….
Nanoha: Let’s go for a stroll together in the afternoon, ok? Then we’ll have a leisurely lunch by the lake/sea.
Vivio: Really?
Nanoha: As long as Vivio behaves and wait for me here.
Vivio: I’ll be good and wait here…
Nanoha: Yeah…Then I’m going now, Vivio.
Fate: I’m going.
Vivio: Have a safe trip
Aina: Now say “have a safe trip” to Caro, Subaru and the rest as well.
Vivio: Have a safe trip!
Forwards: Thanks… we’ll be going then.

Nanoha: *Sigh*…
Fate: Thanks for the hard work.
Nanoha: Oh-… Why are you all waiting for me? You all could have gone on ahead first.
Subaru: Ah… Regarding that, how do I put it …
Teana: Er, it’s rather interesting… or not…
Erio: Or maybe there is something we can do to help.
Caro: Hence the wait.
Fate: All right now. Deployment time. Time to work, time to work.
Forwards: Yes.
Nanoha: Yes

Fate: Vivio calls Nanoha, mama and always clings onto her.
Aina: All right, I switch on the television for you. Remember to switch it off when you don’t want to watch anymore.
Vivio: Yup.
Aina: I will be cleaning the room then. If there’s anything, call for me. Don’t go out of the room by yourself.
Vivio: Okay.

Fate: With absolutely no memory of having a mother, Vivio assumes those who are kind and gentle to her are her mothers. I also became “Fate mama” to Vivio as well.

Caro: Fate-san must be having a tough time as well.
Fate: I, personally don’t mind, since it seems Vivio treats Nanoha as her real mother.
Erio: Is it really like that?
Subaru: She also said she likes Fate-mama too.
Fate: Well, I’m happy to know that.
Teana: But if Vivio keeps saying that she likes Fate-mama, the two kids here will get envious/jealous.
Erio & Caro: HEY?!!
Subaru: Hehe… We hit the nail on the head, didn’t we?
Caro: Why should we be envious? That’s not going to happen.
Erio: We’re not children any more.
Teana: Er… No… You’re still kids….
Subaru: Ahaha… Somehow they seem to be rather serious about it.
Teana: What happened exactly…?
Caro: Er, about that… Fate-san?
Erio: is there anything wrong?
Fate: Ah… sorry about that. No, nothing is wrong.
Erio: Is that so…?

Fate: Matters regarding Nanoha and Vivio as well as my two small charges, Erio and Caro. The intricate and yet subtle relationship between a mother and child, situations revolving around it, these matters have recently been troubling me, Fate Testarossa Harlaown.

02 Alto and Lucino in the lounge/break room (lit: hot water room)

Hayate: From that time onwards, there have been no reports or sightings of relics.
Alto: Gadgets disappear as soon as they appear. There are also no sightings of the combat cyborgs or the summoner.
Hayate: Somehow this seems too peaceful…
Lucino: Is this the calm before the storm? (Something big is going to happen?)
Hayate: If it continues like (i.e nothing is wrong, all is fine) this, it’s for the best. But I don’t think such a situation is possible.
Alto: Yeah….
Hayate: Anyway, we can make use of this opportunity to let the investigation team to thoroughly investigate this matter as well as letting the forwards and the other staff to rest/prepare as much as possible.
Lucino: Ah, this is the new shift plan.
Alto: The forwards, other than daily training and following on leads will be able to rest as much as possible.
Hayate: Ah… This is fine then. Thank you very much, Alto, Lucino.
Alto & Lucino: Yes.
Hayate: Although it is very busy around here, both of you need to rest well too. Not only that, take this time to learn as much as possible for your future.
Alto: Thank you.
Lucino: We will strike a balance between learning and resting while working.
Hayate: Oh… I will not around in the afternoon. I am also bringing the vice-captains and Rein along. In that duration…
Lucino: Yes, if there is an emergency, we will await instructions from Nanoha-san, Fate-san…
Alto: and Griffith-san. Other than that, we are to be on standby (i.e resting)
Hayate: I will leave everything to you then.
Lucino: Yes.
Alto: Now if you will excuse us…
In the meantime we can relax a bit
Lucino: Umm. Why don’t we go to the lounge, grab a cup of tea and take a break?
Alto: Sounds good? There are some snacks to go with the tea right?
Alto: Come to think of it… Be it commander Yagami, Nanoha-san or Fate-san, our captains are remarkable.
Lucino: Actually, the age difference between them and us is pretty small too.
Alto: While chatting with Subaru just now, she was talking how we will be gaining experience in the bureau after our stint here and will be promoted or something. I seriously can’t envision myself in a command position.
Lucino: My thoughts exactly. You and I both started out as administrative personnel, we might have juniors, but we won’t have subordinates.
Alto: After all this, if Subaru is successful, she might be made section leader or captain in a few years. As for Teana, if she successfully navigates through the enforcer exam, she will become an enforcer aide or something like that. As for Caro and Erio, I can’t think of what will they become.
Lucino: Those two kids never thought of becoming full fledge bureau personnel and be promoted and stuff.
Alto: They just want to be together with Fate-san.
Lucino: This must be the reason why they wanted to be in Riot Force 6.

Alto: Hmm, this is tasty.
Lucino: Hmm, you’re right…
Alto: Hehe…
Lucino: Of course the more compelling reason is that their abilities coincide with Riot Force 6’s requirements. The both of them never have any plans of becoming assistant officers.
Alto: Hmm… This is best course of action if they want to be at Fate-san’s side.
Lucino: In actual fact, there are many instances where parents make their children aides.
Alto: I see… Sergeant Major Rein in that sense fits into this scenario.
Lucino: Indeed. I think I will have one more.
Alto: Me too. Ah… Then about Lucino’s family…
Lucino: Hmm? My father, mother and sisters, grandfather and grandmother are also alive and well. Only my grandfather and I are bureau members.
Alto: It’s like that isn’t it?
Lucino: I am second one among the trio of sisters. Alto is the same I think.
Alto: Hmm… elder brother, elder brother, me and my little brother.
Lucino: *laughs. That’s it then.
Alto: Eh?? Eh!!
Lucino: Perhaps it’s due to that sort of family situation that, before the age of seven, you thought that you are a boy.
Alto: Ah!!! How did you know that!!?
Lucino: That is what Sergeant Vice told all of us at the logistics department. After that when you turned seven, in the school’s toilet…..
Alto: Ah !!!
Shari: Alto, Lucino, why are you making such a racket in the lounge?
Alto: Ah… Pardon me (for my outburst)
Lucino: Forgive me as well. But it is regarding Alto’s secret….
Shari: Eh?? Oh it is regarding the event in the school’s toilet when she was seven….
Alto: Ah!!!
Lucino: It seems that everyone knows about it.
Shari: *laughs* Sorry about that. As it was a rather interesting event… I was told it to quite a few people.
Alto: Sergeant Vice… He promised me that he would not reveal it…
Shari: Ah… I also heard of other stuff from Signum-san as well….
Lucino: Eh? What is it, what is it?
Alto: *wails* Please, no more….
Shari: What is done when young is nothing to be embarrassed about….
Nanoha: What is the commotion there about?
(Alto: It’s very embarrassing, please don’t talk about it anymore….)
Subaru: It’s probably about the embarrassing stuff Alto did when she was young.
Teana: It has become a rather popular topic among Riot Force 6 younger personnel.

03. Hayate together with the Guardian Knights.

Hayate: It’s already afternoon, time to get a move on. Vita, Shamal, Signum, Zafira, are all the preparations done?
Guardian Knights: Yes.
Hayate: Rein too.
Rein: Sorry for the wait.
Shamal: I have not been to the Saint Church for quite a while.
Vita: I have not really been there actually.
Rein: Signum always goes there.
Signum: Indeed.
Shamal: It is because Sister Schach, who is a good friend of Signum, is there.
Signum: Good friend huh? It is true we are well-acquainted….
Vita: It is because she is a good partner for mock battles. Being good friends is good isn’t it? Sister Schach is passionate about sparring too.
Signum: It is very rude to say it so casually.
Rein: Yes, yes. Let’s go then.
Erio: Commander Yagami and the vice captains have all gone out
Shari: Hmm, to the Saint Church.
Fate: Then, it’s our turn to move out as well.
Shari: To take a look at the nearby investigation group and their premises (garrison).
Erio & Caro: Yes.
Caro: Vivio is having lunch with Nanoha-san right now.
Erio: Yup.

04 Vivio’s memories, Nanoha’s thoughts

Nanoha: Does it taste good?
Vivio: Yup!
Nanoha: Ah, hey now … You got some on your mouth…
Vivio: Uhm…
Nanoha: Don’t spill/drop it okay?
Vivio: Okay
Vivio: Ah, Mama, say ahhh….
Nanoha: Ahhhh…umn
Vivio: Does it taste good?
Nanoha: It’s delicious.
Vivio: Oh, Mama, what is this?
Nanoha: Oh… Caramel milk that was made in the tea room/lounge.
Vivio: Ah… It has such a nice sweet smell/fragrance.
Nanoha: Isn’t it? This is the reward for finishing all these sandwiches.
Vivio: Hmn… Heh heh… Umn…
Nanoha: Hmm this is also delicious too.
Vivio: About that Mama… Nanoha mama…
Nanoha: Hmm?
Vivio: Although Nanoha mama is not my real mama but I love you more as compared to the real one.
Nanoha: Thank you, Vivio, but Vivio still does not remember anything about her real mama isn’t it? So it will be weird if a comparison is made.
Vivio: …
Nanoha: Vivio’s real mama is definitely out there somewhere. Vivio will suddenly remember (her) one day.
Vivio: Is there even a real mama?
Nanoha: There is… Definitely…
Vivio: It will be great if Nanoha mama is my real mama…
Nanoha: Um… My thoughts exactly…
Vivio: Hmm?
Nanoha: I also want to be together with Vivio but if I do not do my job properly, people will be troubled…. People like Subaru and Teana, Erio and Caro, Fate mama and Hayate-chan.
Vivio: Oh…
Nanoha: Nanoha mama’s job is to help those that in trouble, so inevitably this causes Vivio to be alone/lonely. But you’re real mama is somewhere out there, your real mama will definitely be able to be always with Vivio, whenever Vivio is lonely or crying…
Vivio: Vivio will not cry or be lonely.
Nanoha: Hmm really?
Vivio: Really…
Nanoha: Ah… Here, Vivio, the last sandwich, Ahhh…umm…
Vivio: Mmm… Thanks you for the meal.
Nanoha: Okay, now for the taste of the long awaited caramel milk.
Vivio: *joyful* Ahhh…
I do not like Kansai-ben, but I do like Hayate-chan!
Also, Canadian here, not actually Japanese.
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Thanks, Nagumo.
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Edited the tracks 11-14 translations of StS SS2 to add corrections sent by Nagumo.
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StrikerS SS02 by OrderNorChaos
Editing of track 06

06 Saint Church

Shamal: Ah…. As expected, this garden sure makes people feel at peace.
Signum: Ah…
Schach: The Saint Church Headquarters here is a replica based on ancient (old) Belka. Perhaps the scenery here was similar to everyone’s homeland.
Vita: it could be, but it’s so long ago so we hardly have any memory of it.
Rein: We’re not too sure of the things in ancient Belka but…
Hayate: It does make people feel at peace, the air is good too.
Rein: Yup!
Schach: Yes, this is Schach.
Woman: Sister, preparations for their check-up (inspection) is complete.
Schach: Got it, thank you. Guardian knights, the preparations for the check-up (inspection) is complete.
Knights (Wolkenwritter): Got it.
Rein: I am coming too.
Vita: It’s ok. (You don’t need to come too)
Rein: Huhu, to understand/inspect everyone’s health properly is the job/duty of the Blessed Wind too.
Shamal: How dependable.
Signum: So be it, make sure to record/inspect it properly.
Hayate: Everyone, please co-operate/behave.
Knights: Ok.
Signum: We will be going then.
Schach: Knight Hayate, please proceed to the office.
Hayate: Yes (ok). My kid’s health inspections are always done with such care, for that I am very thankful.
Schach: Don’t mention it, the guardian knights are like a living memory of ancient Belka, they are very important.
Hayate: Yeah….
Schach: They also have helped in preserving the precious knowledge of ancient Belkan war chronicles (tactics/history) and magic too.
Hayate: *laughs*
Schach: Personally, both Carim and I have also grown fond of you and your guardian knights.
Hayate: Thank you. Sister is even willing to co-operate with Signum’s interest/hobby for sparring.
Schach: No… It’s not like that. Signum and I have been good friends ever since being introduced to each other so long ago.

Verossa: Hayate and the knights are close as always.
Carim: It is because their mistress/master is Hayate.
Verossa: However, at the same time, from the various investigations requested by Carim and Chrono, I have heard of a lot of criticism regarding Hayate in the Ground Forces.
Carim: Umm.
Verossa: In regards to the “Book of Darkness” Incident ten years ago and as the inheritor/successor of the Book of Darkness; as expected a lot of people are still suspicious of Hayate. Of course, not a lot of people know that Signum and the others are knights from the “Book of Darkness” but that’s because I think Hayate has kept the past of the Book of Darkness to herself. Or rather I conclude/deduced, Hayate has decided to do so.
Carim: Hayate has stubbornly proclaimed that even if such criticisms were deposed of (proven false), it would not be of any benefit/help to anyone, but still… it is still a bit much.
Verossa: Yeah.
Carim: Although it is rather strange of me to say this despite giving her such a difficult task, but I want them to live their lives happily.
Verossa: Finding happiness is not such an easy task, besides; seeking happiness is not the reason why Hayate chooses to fight.
Carim: I know that but….
Verossa: But, Hayate is a strong child, everything will be fine (things will work out).
Carim: Yeah.
Verossa: If Carim puts on such a worried face, you’re going to worry Hayate again.
Carim: Ah… Er, well let’s change the topic then.
Verossa: Sure.
Carim: Recently I have been hearing many things about you from theBureau.
Verossa: Me?
Carim: According to them, although your work performance is excellent, but your lack of a correct work attitude is also striking.
Verossa: Eh…About that….
Carim: Instances of being late for work or skipping work altogether, according to them seems to be on the rise recently.
Verossa: It is because…. Of the many situations encountered in the line of work…. Okay…?
Carim: If things go overboard… I’ll have no choice but to let Schach discipline you.
Verossa: Give me a break, anything but that. Schach can be seriously scary when she is angry.
Carim: So, you will treat work seriously then?
Verossa: I am treating my work seriously, well sometimes…
Carim: Oh, (you are always like this) Rossa.
Verossa: Yes (I will treat my work seriously).
Schach: Excuse us (we am coming in)
Hayate: Good afternoon
Carim: Welcome. Hayate.
Hayate: Eh Rossa, what happened? Being reprimanded again?
Schach: Ahh… Is it time for me to make my entrance?
Verossa: How rude. Hey Schach, please don’t roll up your sleeves.
Schach: Huh?
Verossa: Really, Schach is supposedly a Sister but is yet so prone/quick to violence.
Schach: Please refer to it as “tough love” I have been doing this since you were young to make sure you grew up to be a fine adult.
Hayate: To receive both Schach’s harsh teachings and Carim’s gentle guidance and yet still being able to retain one’s personality, I often think that Rossa is rather amazing.
Verossa: Thanks, then admire me.
Hayate: Huh…. Admirable, admirable. (I do, I do)
Verossa: That was rather unconvincing….
Carim and Schach: *laughs*
Carim: Well, after the guardian knights’ check-up (inspection) is completed, we will start the meeting regarding what to do from now on.
Verossa: Yes
Hayate: Got it.
I do not like Kansai-ben, but I do like Hayate-chan!
Also, Canadian here, not actually Japanese.
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Edited the rest of the track translations (15-21) of StS SS2 to add corrections sent by Nagumo.
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does anyone have a translation of "Take a Shot"? I tried searching but couldn't find one anywhere D:
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It seems that no one has a translation... even people who have translations of her later songs don't have translations for Take a Shot... well, whatever. I found the romaji lyrics, but I doubt you want those, right?
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The insert in S1 ep12? The lyrics are in the R1 DVD.
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Two interesting and rather well made MAD spotted on Nico when I was surfing mindlessly : 【MAD】魔法少女リリカルなのは 「魔弾-Freikugel-」 and 【MAD】リリカルなのはStrikers ~born legend~【完全版】
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