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Old 2009-04-05, 07:18   Link #81
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omake for volumes 27-31 basicly from when Ichigo and co left for HM till the grimjow fight and if they planed to use it, it would have to be now.
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Old 2009-04-10, 12:20   Link #82
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Originally Posted by Thewanderer View Post
Being original to the manga doesn't determine if something's canon to the anime or not.
To whoever dereped me for this post "learn what canon means", YOU better learn what canon means. The anime has a canon and manga has canon. The anime is not the manga, even though it takes most material from it.

Dammit, I'm sick of the disrespect the anime gets <.<
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Old 2009-04-14, 16:05   Link #83
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The anime has a canon and manga has canon.
Isn't all manga material described as canon and anime-exclusive material as filler?
-got derepped for using the term filler seasons, which is apparently discriminating and offensive against the anime-
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