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View Poll Results: How annoying?
After a few minutes of that sort of thing I want to NUKE THEM TO HELL. 167 30.31%
It's only annoying when it's really excessive. 247 44.83%
It's interesting, like a sort of anime slang, but I wouldn't say it myself. 44 7.99%
Using Nihongo in my sentences is cooool ^____^ You are a chibi baka! 42 7.62%
おばけアメリカンのだ、日本語わかれない 51 9.26%
Voters: 551. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-04-17, 11:50   Link #501
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Originally Posted by Hs Vi Germania View Post
"lol" and "rofl" are real problems.
Lately I heard someone saying: "Wow, that's LOL" ....
Oh yes. Just laugh, dammit! It comes naturally normally xD

Originally Posted by AceD View Post
i once saw someone on WoW adding ''desu'' to the end of his sentences

i thought it as pretty lame, dattebayo
Lol! And I am actually laughing and not saying L-O-L to my notebook xD

Does it annoy me when people start to throw japanese terms at me? Yes, it does. Specially if I already told them that I don't understand a single thing. Why is it so hard to comprehend, that I want to understand the things someone says to me?
Of course it's not just limited to japanese - a friend once ticked me off because he was only talking in french to me, that idiot xD

I think it's impolite - especially in a one-on-one conversation. I also don't insert any tagalog vocabulary when I'm talking with my friends. Communication isn't a one-sided thing after all

But I guess there are exeptions. Like when a group of friends all do it e.g. if they study japanalogy (is that right in english? xD). It always depends to who you're talking with and where you use it. I don't think it's wrong to use the word 'otaku' in a forum like this or mention it in talk with a friend who's familiar to anime and stuff.

Even so, people shouldn't be oblivious to the fact that they can easily make a fool out of themselves when using single japanese words out of the blue. Like big ass guys who scream 'kawaiii' like a little girl - that's not cute ... it's scary XD
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Old 2009-04-17, 11:54   Link #502
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Doesn't bother me at all. Then again, I am 1) studying Japanese, 2) hanging out with Asian folks, and 3) planning to visit Japan sometime...
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Old 2009-04-17, 12:04   Link #503
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When talking face to face, mostly people do it out of habit. However, when posting in forums like this, or chatting in general, it is totally on purpose. Though it's expected that a majority of people do not understand infrequent Japanese words, some people still do it for their own enjoyment. I think it's rude, selfish and an annoyance to many.
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Old 2009-04-17, 18:16   Link #504
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I don't find using japanese in a sentence annoying, i find Defining every D*** Japanese word your saying in a sentence annoying.
I also find showing-off-every-word-you-know-cause-you-want-people-to-know-your-smart annoying.

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